Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Teen Titans Academy #12 Review

Red X Revealed!

Written By: Tim Sheridan
Art By: Tom Derenick, Rafa Sandoval, Rob Leigh
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: February 22, 2022

Let's head back to class as we try to discover the mystery of who Red X really is... but unlike previous issues where it seemed to promise this revelation, this issue actually does it. Beyond Red X though, we previously saw Titans Tower on the verge of collapse and now our heroes have to make sure that everyone gets out of the building alive..... and hopefully unscathed. Let's check out this issue.

So yeah, the big draw to this issue...... at least in my mind is to find out who Red X really is and if you've been playing along at home at all the little clues thrown out throughout the series, you'll probably guess who our mystery man actually is...... except for all the times where he displayed different powers and was considered the best of the best by people who talked to him. Yeah, this mystery definitely wasn't worth a year of issues, especially when it's immediately overshadowed by a bigger mystery, with another Red X who we now have to figure out their identity. Fuck Red X.

Beyond that aspect of the book though we see our young would-be-heroes doing their part to make sure that everyone escapes the crumbling Titans Tower alive, but we do have some people hurt in this disaster and I can only hope that Future State aspects of this book have been averted because I really don't want the fate of what happens to these characters to proceed to what happened to them in the future. Like previous issues though, there's not much to see here and with the lackluster reveal of Red X and a bullshit motivation, this mystery was the only reason to continue reading this book and for all the hype behind it, it was only bound to disappoint. 

All in all, the art in this issue is the best part of the book because the end of the Titans Tower/Roy Harper Academy doesn't do much for me because you know they're going to rebuild and we didn't do much with the Tower beyond student housing. I mean, we've had a year of this comic and it never really felt like we actually got any school going on in this Academy but with this development, we have our students stepping up to try and be heroes.... along with some banter and mysteries that don't really lead to much and probably won't be explored right moving forward. As for the Red X reveal... Yeah, I didn't expect much and I didn't get much but since that was what felt like the main draw for the book this was really lackluster, not to mention the motivation behind just kind of feels tacked on. With three issues left to this series, I don't know what this book can do to make this Titans outing feel like it will be memorable.

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Bits and Pieces:

For anyone still reading this book, I have to assume that like me everyone will be disappointed with the reveal of Red X, especially since it just leads to another Red X mystery. The art in this issue was enjoyable though, but everything Titans related to this book is disappointing and at the end of the day I'm just waiting for the remaining issues to do something to avert the Future State status quo for two of our heroes in this book.



  1. Wait. This title is being canceled? Eh I think I'm okay with that.

    1. Yeah, it was announced this week that this and Suicide Squad were cancelled.

  2. wow thats higher than I thought you were going to give this. The whole run feels very focused on Red X and the fact that the reveal was what it was, feels like a middle finger and now i careless about the Red X character. Think he can be useful later down the road. maybe make an evil Teen Titans teem. corrupt a few heroes and have your squad that way for a story arc or so