Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Dark Crisis: Worlds Without a Justice League - Green Lantern #1 Review

Mama, Tell Me I'm The Greatest

Written By: Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Jeremy Adams
Art By: Fernando Blanco, Jordie Bellaire, Troy Peteri, Jack Herbert, Alex Guimaraes
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: August 9, 2022

Let's just hope beyond hope that with the extension of the Dark Crisis name to include On Infinite Earths these dream world tie-ins don't do the same because..... yeesh!  Here we are though, exploring the dream world that will keep John Stewart content and out of the way while Pariah takes the hope away from Earth-0 so that he can somehow recreate infinite Earths in the Multiverse.  Also, we have a backup that explores Hawkgirl's dream world as well.  Let's jump into this issue and see what keeps our heroes happy.  Let's check it out.

Alright, so while we saw Superman's dream world, it looked like our Man of Steel just wanted to spend time with his son while the most psychotic Universe was going on around him and now for John, we see that our Emerald Knight just wants people to adore him and talk about how he's the greatest..... or at least his mother.  Yeah, this story is a bit weird as it's narrated exclusively by John's mother about how great John Stewart is and what he's brought to the world and the Green Lantern Corps.  It's weird, though, because this dream world looks nothing like what we saw from the actual Dark Crisis issue where we saw Space Sector John. Ultimately though, you'll get John suiting up and fighting off a threat an entire Corps couldn't stop, and our Green Lantern installment to these tie-ins, while fine, really just comes off as a wank fest that makes me question John Stewart's self-esteem. 

As for our Hawkgirl dream world back up, we see Kendra Saunders catching the reader up with who she is, her past, and what she fears about the future, while the backdrop is essentially Raiders of the Lost Ark.  It's funny because Kendra's dream world seems to be about breaking her curse and to end her resurrections, but with the last thing we saw with Hawkman and Hawk Woman it would seem that would be the case anyway but since no one ever deals with Kendra in that aspect...... and for some reason, every writer still thinks she's Thanagarian, maybe this is the best look we'll get, even if it ultimately does nothing but remind the reader about Hawkgirl.

All in all, this tie-in just kind of makes me realize that these Worlds Without A Justice League really serve no purpose because while we might get a better look at things in the next issue of Dark Crisis, the worlds that we see here don't even seem to match what we're currently seeing in the main event and not only that, but they fail to do anything that feels like they really have the character's best interests in mind.  Superman's dream world had genocide going on throughout the Galaxy, while John's makes him look like an egomaniac that just needs to be praised.  It's really odd and while the story overall is fine because it doesn't really do much but show us some make-believe, it just doesn't feel like it matters, and I have no idea who this is really meant for in the end.  The art is decent throughout both stories, but that's about all this issue has going on for it.

Bits and Pieces:

The Worlds Without A Justice League continues to feel like a cash grab as the issues themselves don't do anything to further the Dark Crisis story, and in this issue, it even seems to go against what we saw in the last issue of the event.  Maybe things will line up later on, but as of right now this issue has decent art and two stories featuring John Stewart and Kendra Saunders where neither feels like they would be content with the strange dream worlds that were made for them.


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