Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Nubia: Queen of the Amazons #4 Review


Written by: Stephanie Williams
Art by: Alitha Martinez, Mark Morales, John Livesay
Colors by: Alex Guimãraes
Letters by: Becca Carey
Cover art by: Khary Randolph, Emilio Lopez
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: September 6, 2022

Nubia: Queen of the Amazons #4 ends the arc with a final confrontation between Nubia and Zillah for the right to be the sole possessor of Sekhmet's power.

Is It Good?

Nubia: Queen of the Amazons #4 ends the arc with the end of a villain (maybe), the pain of regret (maybe) for Nubia, and the potential for a new conflict with the god of Olympus and elsewhere (maybe). In short, this lopsided, uneven attempt at telling a story that expands Nubia's legend is filled with many "maybes" but not much satisfaction.

The plot revolves around Nubia returning to Madagascar for a mano-a-mano against Zillah. When the issue concludes, one character is left standing, and Sekhmet's power is gone(?). In terms of major plot points, this is the most straightforward issue in the series.

However, a straightforward plot does not a good comic make. The major flaw in the story is the lack of clarity and motivation behind both Nubia and Zillah in the past which led them to their confrontation in the now. Why did Nubia seek out Sekhmet's power in the first place? Williams tries to explain Nibia's path by commenting that Sekhmet's power could help her protect everyone. But who did her people need protection from? And why didn't the protection work since Nubia was killed in battle?

Why did Zillah carry a grudge against Nubia? For dying? For seeking Sekhmet's power in the first place? What does any of this have to do with Zillah? Williams leaves out any semblance of clear motivation for Zillah, making her appearance and all the chaos she causes pointless.

Zillah and Nubia fight, and Nubia wins (of course), so what was the point? Nubia gains nothing from the conflict other than misplaced guilt, Sekhmet's power is gone (or is it? It's never explained), and Nubia's status quo is exactly in the same place as when this adventure started.

The art's fine for what it is. Martinez's pencils are bland and uninspired. The panel compositions are flat. But in fairness, the art gets the job done.

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Bits and Pieces:

Nubia: Queen of the Amazons #4 ends the arc with some decent action, lots of unanswered questions, and an ending that puts Nubia right back where she started with nothing to show for her trouble. When you're the main villain is poorly set up and poorly motivated, the best you can hope for is an average story. Unfortunately, this story falls below average to just plain forgettable.


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