Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Sword of Azrael #2 Review


Livin' on a Prayer

Writer: Dan Watters
Artist: Nikola Cizmesija, Marisa Louise, and Hassan Otsamane- Elhaou
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: September 6, 2022

I was shocked by how much I enjoyed the first issue of the Sword of Azrael.  I know that sounds kind of shitty, but it's the truth...I don't like Azrael.  I guess it's more accurate to say that I have no connection with the character, and quite frankly, what Dan Watters gave readers previous to this book was a bit of a snore fest.  Ok, now I know I sound shitty.  Let's jump into the review before I elevate myself to complete asshole!

Sword of Azrael #2 opens where we left off last month - all (Heaven and) Hell has broken out on Ioudas Island as the Knights Templar, led by Bane's Daughter, Vengence, have come for Brielle Arnier, who may or may not be Suriuel, the Angel of Death.  That's a lot to take in, and unfortunatley, the book already does feel a bit crowded because of it.

Now, I will get some of the downers out of the way first.  Man, I wanted more of an interaction between Vengence and Azrael.  Watters mentions that Jean-Paul broke her daddy's back, but that's about it!  Saying it and passing it by might have been even more frustrating than skipping it entirely.  Also, I hope we explore Vengeance's connection with the Templars a bit more, including what miracle she is seeking.

Regarding the plot, Watters uses Vengence as a tool to get Jean-Paul fighting - both her and the Azrael within.  The latter is what this mini seems to be all about, and it was the best part of the first issue.  Here, however, it felt stretched out a bit too much.

After kicking Vengence to the curb, Jean-Paul finds Brielle, and it seems clear that she is being used just like JP was.  There is no way that Jean-Paul will stand aside and let the Templars use her as a weapon, so they head off to Greece, where they can gather their thoughts, devise a plan, and pray.  

That last one might be the most ill-timed thing that anyone could have come up with since "praying" for Jean-Paul also means dealing with the Azrael Within.  I couldn't be the only one yelling that you can't leave Brielle (kind of) alone, knowing who is after her and the shit she has done herself!  Did JP already forget about the stacks of bodies back in the Monastery?!?  Seriously, Brielle got them stacks on stacks (stacks)!!!  Oh well, the cliffhanger looked cool, but Jean-Paul done fucked things up, and he better make things right... after he gets done praying, of course!

While I thought the first issue was better, Sword of Azrael #2 was still a pretty good read, even if it missed some cool opportunities and ended in a frown-inducing cliffhanger.  Almost everything looked good thanks to Nikola Cizmesija, and I say "almost" because the fight choreography was sometimes a bit confusing.  The art and color work did provide a feel that fit the story.

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Bits and Pieces:

Sword of Azrael #2 may not have been as good as the opening issue, but I am still surprised by how much I enjoy it.  I am not an Azrael fan, and maybe the fact that neither is Jean-Paul has me hooked.  The story felt stretched out this month, which is a concern for only the second issue.  However, the art was good, and I can easily recommend this to everyone who enjoyed the last issue.



  1. The story feels a bit over the place and I don't enjoy the angle Watters is seeking with religion, he seems like he is writing about something that he doesn't know all that much about in the first place. The story is not bad and I enjoy some bits of it but overall it's kinda confusing. And the art isn't helping. Also, that "f-ck the police" message from the graffiti is shameless and disgusting, especially since they're supposed to be in Greece, not in America.

    1. i don't like the art at all - Eric liked it more than I did