Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Tales of the Titans #1 Review



Written by: Shannon Hale, Dean Hale
Art by: Javier Rodriguez
Colors by: Javier Rodriguez
Letters by: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Cover art by: Nicola Scott, Annette Kwok
Cover price: $4.99
Release date: July 18, 2023

Tales of the Titans #1 looks closer at Starfire as she struggles with the real but hurtful stigmas of being called "princess" and "emotional."
Is It Good?

Written and drawn like a comic you'd expect to find at a Scholastic Book Fair, Tales of the Titans #1 focuses on Starfire's life as a current Titan, a (former) Princess, and an alien without a homeworld. Readers who want to know more about the heart of the Titan's most powerful team member will find a lot to like in this issue, but seasoned Starfire fans may find the tone of this comic targeted at a very young audience.

Shannon and Dean Hale's take on the Tamaranean powerhouse sends Starfire away to a moon colony where refugees from the now-destroyed Tamaran have created a home away from home. Through the interactions with her former subjects, young and old, Starfire comes to terms with the stigma of being called "Princess" and helps her learn that feeling emotions to her heightened levels makes her just as human as any Earthling.

Tales of the Titans #1 is a feel-good issue designed to let kids know it's okay to be in touch with your feelings without losing your strength or power. Feelings are a part of who we are, and we shouldn't shy away from them for fear of being seen as less-than or weak.

The Hales' deliver a fine message suitable for young readers. On the flip side, if you were looking for a Starfire-centric Titans adventure, you'll probably be disappointed with this issue's lack of experience and excessive focus on conversations about feelings.

Likewise, the art is fine but devoid of drama, seriousness, or urgency. Javier Rodriguez's style is a nice, safe, calm, age-appropriate take on the Titans if you are under twelve.

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Bits and Pieces:

Tales of the Titans #1 takes a nice, safe look at Starfire as she wrestles with being "too emotional" for her friends and people. The adventure and its lessons about being in touch with your feelings are best suited for young readers, and the drama-less art keeps the action and seriousness to a minimum.



  1. Okay, when was Tamaran destroyed in current continuity? Are they referring to its destruction in the final issues of The New Titans? Last I heard it was still around but had been shrunk by Brainiac then restored in JL No Justice. Was it destroyed on JL Odyssey? Iirc it wasn't destroyed but it was virtually unlivable after that. And are Kory's parents dead again? Her dad was alive in the Bendis Superman series. Are they ignoring that? So yeah is Tamaran being destroyed a retcon? Are they restoring that final New Titans arc ("Meltdown") with this? And does that mean JL No Justice and Odyssey are out of continuity? Tbh I was expecting and updated origin story not that this wasn't fun.

    1. I have yet to read it (we are talking about it on our Patreon Spotlight tonight but they did say that this was going to update and retcon a lot of stuff

    2. Interesting. Retcons normally don't surprise me but it is odd that they would retcon all that Ghost Sector stuff considering how recent it was.

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