Tuesday, July 18, 2023

The Vigil #3 Review



Written by: Ram V
Art by: Lalit Kumar Sharma
Colors by: Rain Beredo
Letters by: Dave Sharpe
Cover art by: Sumit Kumar
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: July 18, 2023

The Vigil #3 recounts the talents and temperaments of the team from Agent Saha's point of view while Agent Saha gets an assessment of her own... without her knowledge.
Is It Good? 

The Vigil #3 is the third issue in a row in this fledgling series where readers are told and shown more information about each character on the team to get to know them. While this issue feels the most complete and insightful in getting to know each member, the lack of plot or direction for the series is becoming troublesome.

When we last left the Vigil, Arclight was sent on a solo mission to retrieve a child with a monitor on his head to prevent his powers from being used for evil. Around Arclight's mission, the other team members were sent to investigate an unmemorable assassination. Now, Agenet Saha narrates a mission to Cambodia where her observations of each team member's methods give readers a clearer picture of each character while Saya covertly investigates Agent Saha's personal life.

On the whole, this issue is fine. In fact, it's better than fine because you get a clear vision of the Vigil through their abilities, personalities, strengths, and flaws. This issue goes a long way to set the stage for how effective and volatile the team can be.

Conversely, this comic is the third issue, and Ram V is still trying to define the team for the readers. With a better vision for the series, issue #3 should have been the first issue to set the foundation for whatever challenge the Vigil and Agent Saha have to face for the remaining five issues. Since that foresight didn't happen, that only leaves three issues in the mini-series to establish a threat and have the team move to face it. In other words, Ram V's trademark decompression and lack of focus have cost this mini-series the room it needs to tell a memorable story.

What's the takeaway? It's a solid issue that establishes each new team member, but it comes much too tales in a 6-issue run when the plot hasn't started yet.

How's the art? It's good. Setting up a four-page intro with Ram V self-inserted as Saya extracting himself from an orgy where he was the only male participant was annoyingly unnecessary, but the line work, figure work, and action scenes look great.

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Bits and Pieces:

The Vigil #3 goes a long way toward establishing each member of the team by showing and telling what they can do, how they behave, and how they contribute to the team. Unfortunately, this issue repeats bits of the previous two issues, and that comes too late in the six-issue run and leaves little room for an actual plot to develop.


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