Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Knight Terrors: The Flash #2 Review


 Too Fast?    

Written by: Alex Paknadel
Art by: Daniel Bayliss, Tom Derenick
Colors by: Igor Monti, Pete Pantazis
Letters by: Simon Bowland
Cover art by: Werther Dell'Edera
Cover price: $4.99
Release date: August 9, 2023

Knight Terrors: The Flash #2 finds Barry Allen pushing himself past his limits to stop Grodd from killing Kid Flash. What is the mysterious force holding Barry back, and how far will Barry go to overcome it?
Is It Good?

You get the impression Alex Paknadel, in Knight Terrors: The Flash #2, is trying to make a statement about Barry Allen, something along the lines of "our greatest fear is that we won't be able to overcome ourselves when it matters most." But the statement gets lost in Paknadel's plot, leaving readers with a visually weird (in a good way) but ultimately pointless issue.

When last we left Barry Allen, he tried, failed, and tried again to o back in time to stop Gorilla Grodd from killing Kid Flash. Barry's failure is chalked up to a "lightning monster" that interferes at the last moment. Now, we find Barry trying over and over to revisit that moment, causing a monstrous distortion of his body to gain every ounce of speed he can. When even body modification isn't enough, Barry resorts to theft, dismemberment, and murder to make himself the fastest being alive.

As with most DC writers stuck in the nightmare that is Knight Terrors, it appears Paknadel had almost no information to work with, so this capper to the two-parter has nothing to do with Insomnia, Knight Terrors, Deadman, or practically anything else related to the event. Plan your purchase accordingly.

Does Paknadel's script at least serve as a great nightmare issue? Well, Barry's adventure comes off as frustrating rather than scary. If Paknadel was going for fear, it didn't work. If Paknadel was going for the "running down the endless hallway" type of nightmare, I suppose this issue gets the job done.

That said, the talk of this issue will be the visuals from Bayliss and Derenick concerning Barry's upgrade. Barry's body changes into a nearly animalistic form to make him "more streamlined" in response to the friction in the Speed Force that inhibits his attempts to save Kid Flash. Barry's design is certainly "different," and the idea of Barry's body distorting to make him faster is intriguing, but the body horror change doesn't really read as a "lightning monster." In short, Barry's new look is interesting, but the picture doesn't match the words.

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Bits and Pieces:

Knight Terrors: The Flash #2 ends Barry Allen's nightmare run with frustration, body horror, and desperate acts. Paknadel's story reads as a frustrating nightmare rather than a scary one, and Barry's body horror change is interesting but doesn't match the story.


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