Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Knight Terrors: Green Lantern #2 Review


Will Power

Written by: Jeremy Adams
Art by: Eduardo Pansica, Jordi Tarragona, Julio Ferreira
Colors by: Luis Guerrero
Letters by: Dave Sharpe
Cover art by: Lucio Parrillo
Cover price: $4.99
Release date: August 9, 2023

Knight Terrors: Green Lantern #2 finds Hal Jordan confronted with his deepest worries and fears while Insomnia's sleep spell keeps Hal trapped.
Is It Good?

Knight Terrors: Green Lantern #2 is amazing and terrible at the same time. How can both things be true? Because we see what Jeremy Adams can do with Green Lantern, once he gets the creative engine revving, and we see how badly DC Editorial misjudged the decision to pause the Dawn of DC in favor of the Knight Terrors event.

When we left Hal Jordan last, he was (creepily?) worming his way back into Carol Ferris's life by getting himself assigned as a pilot to the private jet carrying Carol and her boyfriend to their business meeting. And then came Insominia, putting the world asleep and confronting Hal with one of his greatest enemies - Parallax. Now, Hal Jordan shows his nightmares exactly why he is the greatest Green Lantern.

As we hear from most DC writers, Jeremy Adams was given almost no information about Knight Terrors, so in the absence of info, Adams makes the most of the situation with an all-out, ring-slinging display of power. Confronted with one scary nightmare monster or vision after another, Hal goes to town with mech suits, carnival games, weaponry, oversized fly swatters, and more. Hal is having fun because Adams is having fun, and that infectious joy practically pops from the page.

Therefore, this issue is some of the most fun from a Green Lantern book we've had in some time. Remember fun?

On the other hand, Knight Terrors: Green Lantern #2 begs the question (again) - "Why?"

Insomnia doesn't show up in this issue, there's no reference to Knight Terrors or the Nightmare Stone, and this two-parter accomplishes nothing concerning the Knight Terrors plot.

Why was Jeremy Adams not allowed to develop his first crack at Green Lantern without interruption? Why did DC Editorial pause almost their entire line of books for what effectively amounts to a paper-thin Deadman/Batman team-up story? Why does DC Editorial keep making one bad decision after another, squandering potential sitting right in front of them?

Is this a good comic? No, it's a great comic if you like seeing Hal Jordan let loose and have fun. But if you're only invested in Knight Terrors and need to know what happens next, you can skip this one.

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Bits and Pieces:

Knight Terrors: Green Lantern #2 is jam-packed with ring-slinging action and fun. GL fans who've missed Hal at his peak will love this comic. However, if you're invested in Knight Terrors and only want to know what's happening with Insomnia, there's nothing here for you.


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