Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Steelworks #3 Review



Written by: Michael Dorn
Art by: Sami Basri, Vicente Cifuentes
Colors by: Andrew Dalhouse, Ulises Arreola
Letters by: Rob Leigh
Cover art by: Daniel Sampere
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: August 1, 2023

Steelworks #3 unveils John Henry Irons's latest creation - an invention destined to change the future of humanity if it doesn't get stolen first.
Is It Good?

Steelworks #3 continues John Henry Irons's quest for peace when he shows Superman his latest invention - a nearly limitless powers source based on Warworld Genesis Energy. In the right hands and with the support of the Super-Family, John's invention will end all strife around the world. Unfortunately, Michael Dorn sends an old nemesis to ensure the grand announcement doesn't go off as planned.

On the surface, this is a perfectly fine issue. John's intentions are clear, with massive implications for the world. The impact of John's invention implicitly sets huge stakes for anyone with a bone to pick or interested in preserving the status quo. And Dorn teases a few mysterious developments where the superpowered folks in John's circle of trust begin showing instability in their powers, so the seed of an intriguing mystery begins to bloom.

In terms of writing execution, Dorn ticks all the right boxes. Dorn's scene transitions are solid, the pacing is good, and the dialog feels organic. On the whole, Steelworks #3 is a perfectly fine issue.

Where this issue falls short is in the memory department. Most of the issue progresses the timeline and teases big developments, but none of the teases lead to an attention-grabbing development. You could argue this comic is mostly setup because there is no one big idea to take away from this issue. Technically, it's a complete comic, but it lacks a hard-hitting development that stands out, preventing this issue from rising above just "good."

How's the art? No complaints. Sami Basri and Vicente Cifuentes deliver clean lines, powerful figures, and energetic action. Likewise, Andrew Dalhouse and Ulises Arreola turn in outstanding color execution.

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Bits and Pieces:

Steelworks #3 is a perfectly fine comic that unveils John Henry Irons's world-changing invention and drops plenty of seeds for what's to come. The art team delivers excellent work, and Michael Dorn's writing is solid.


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