Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Batman / Superman: World's Finest #21 Review


Written by: Mark Waid
Art by: Dan Mora
Colors by: Tamra Bonvillain
Letters by: Steve Wands
Cover art by: Dan Mora (cover A)
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: November 21, 2023

Batman / Superman: World's Finest #21 finds Batman and Superman fighting Thunderman and their Kingdom Come doppelgangers in an effort to help David in a world ruled by a mighty god.
Is Batman / Superman: World's Finest #21 Good?

If you wanted big action, fast pacing, and super intrigue, you get it in Batman / Superman: World's Finest #21. Mark Waid pulls no punches when the world's finest find themselves evenly matched and outnumbered on Kingdom Come Earth.

When last we left (our) Batman and Superman, their covert mission to Kingdom Come Earth led them to David, aka Thunder Boy, but he's all grown up into Thunderman. When Superman confronts David, Thunderman launches into an attack in retribution for being abandoned in the multiverse. Now, it's an all-out brawl when Thunderman refuses to listen to reason, and the brawl escalates into a fight for survival when the older version of Batman and Superman join the fight, presuming Thunderman is under attack.


Comic fans familiar with Kingdom Come will see nods and Easter Eggs aplenty, but nothing in this issue contradicts Mark Waid's seminal work. The events of this issue nestle in a safe spot on the Kingdom Come timeline for an original story that connects with the source material in a logical way.

What's great about Batman / Superman: World's Finest #21? But for a brief moment or two to regroup, this issue is wall-to-wall superhero action with no clear winner in sight. The battle waffles back and forth until our dynamic duo finds a temporary refuge, so if you're hungry for exciting displays of powers and skill, this is it.

What's not so great about Batman / Superman: World's Finest #21? In reality, there's nothing wrong with this issue. Waid ticks all the right boxes in terms of writing execution, the story is furthered through the action (as it should), and the cliffhanger ending is a wow moment.


How's the art? Glorious. Dan Mora hasn't missed a stroke in this series, so if you want cool art to accompany a cool story, Batman / Superman: World's Finest #21 is a must-pick.

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Bits and Pieces:

Batman / Superman: World's Finest #21 is a fast-paced, energetic superhero action romp from start to finish. Waid smartly furthers the story through the action, and Mora's art is the best of any DC book on the shelves.



  1. I might be the only one not satisfied with this series after the whole first meeting arc started. I consider that arc very terrible, out of character and wrapped up ridiculously but I put up with it because the level of quality prior to it was different and David's arc was my favourite so I hoped it would return to previous quality in this arc. Despite feeling out of continuity, his character was very genuine and deeply sympathetic, also the ending to that arc was very very well written, it had both action and was also emotional and character driven. So I was very excited for this arc, was waiting for that level of writing again but was sorely disappointed so far. You shouldn't have to care about another series to be able to enjoy an arc in a completely different story and I dislike it a lot when they do that without properly implementing it. Both Kingdom come fans and non fans should be able to keep up and enjoy this but as someone unfamiliar with that series, I don't have the investment and Waid hasn't done much to build it for non fans of Kingdom Come, the pacing is too fast for that. I don't know much about these characters and world other than Batman and Superman of our earth and David, so what is going to engage me when they keep fighting each other and exchange blows? If I wanted only that and nothing else I would have simply watched a video game playthrough. I thought he might explain this world in this issue more but from the looks of it and the tone it takes it is going to be surface level and is going to rely on previous knowledge and investment for kingdom come, since they just kept fighting each other and cut from scene to scene without much connective tissue, it was really clunky. (Also I am a bit tired of current franchises referencing and redoing past hits over and over and nothing else beside it instead of creating something new and adding to lore and character. If they are going to just reference and redo stuff it should be at least as good as the original, I would enjoy and commend that alot but sadly except some instances it is rare).To me this is just another parallel universe and frankly it takes away a lot of the impact and character relativity unless the writer puts the work to make the readers invest in another universe. Also Batman has been just a plot device for some issues now, we don't get much from him in terms of character work. I am willing to ignore it for some arcs to focus on superman more but it is getting a bit too long without much progression with his side. (Since the Metamorpho arc at least). I am willing to wait and see if future issues will prove me wrong and make me invest in this new universe and plot, I sincerely want to enjoy this arc since I was looking forward to it for some time. That past meeting arc was really a mistake and has taken a bit of my patience with this series

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  6. So does this take place before the events in the first Kingdom Come miniseries?