Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Superman #8 Review


Written by: Joshua Williamson
Art by: Gleb Melnikov, Norm Rapmund, David Baldeón, Jamal Campbell
Colors by: Alejandro Sánchez, Jamal Campbell
Letters by: Dave Sharpe
Cover art by: Jamal Campbell
Cover price: $4.99
Release date: November 21, 2023

Superman #8 brings Superman's fight with The Unchained to a close when Lex reveals the truth behind Sammy Stryker's power and the unique vulnerability that could save the day.
Is Superman #8 Good?

Superman #8 is, in a word, solid. Joshua Williamson is developing a template for his run that involves action, world-building, and a hint of mystery. You won't find Williamson redefining the superhero genre, and this issue is burdened with surprises, but it's a perfectly fine way to end The Unchained's reign of terror.

When last we left Superman and his Kryptonian friends, The Unchained's immense powers of tactile telekinesis made him an unstoppable force determined to make Lex Luthor and Metropolis suffer. Now, Lex quickly spills the beans on The Unchained's origins as the son of Stryker's Prison's creator, the murderer of Stryker's Prison's creator, and an all-around uber-powerful wacko. When Lex divulges that he built a Kryptonite vulnerability into Sammy Stryker's powers, Superman puts himself at lethal risk to take the wild killer down.


If you're wondering where Dr. Pharm and Mr. Graft are in all of this, they make a brief appearance in an attempt to recruit Sammy. The attempt goes nowhere, but Williamson keeps the evil genius duo on readers' radar.

What's great about Superman #8? Fans hankering for hard-hitting Superman action, and a team-up with Superboy, get a good dose of it here. The action is energetic, Lex's involvement in Sammy's creation is satisfyingly spelled out, and the seeds are planted for more drama involving Lex's extended family. As a bonus, the comic ends on a strong cliffhanger.

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What's not so great about Superman #8? Technically, there's nothing wrong with this issue. It's a perfectly good Superman comic that wraps up the conflict against a new villain in a tidy little package. You could argue that The Unchained's defeat is a little too quick and easy, but that's about all. Further, Pharm and Graft's plans to destroy Lex have stalled, so the overarching plot about a league of evil geniuses seems to be going nowhere.


How's the art? It's good yet remarkable for the level of consistency, considering how many artists worked on this comic. The action is at the forefront, and the art team does a solid job of it.

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Bits and Pieces:

Superman #8 is a perfectly decent conclusion to The Unchained's reign of terror with solid art and a respectable cliffhanger. Nothing in this issue will blow you away, and the overarching plot involving Pharm and Graft is still sidelined, but Superman fans will enjoy this comic.


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