Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Action Comics #1063 Review


Written by: Jason Aaron
Art by: John Timms
Colors by: Rex Lokus
Letters by: Dave Sharpe
Cover art by: John Timms
Cover price: $4.99
Release date: March 12, 2024

Action Comics #1063 concludes the I, Bizarro... arc when Superman must defeat the shard of Bizarro trying to take over his mind, and the only person powerful enough to help is... the Joker?!?
Is Action Comics #1063 Good?

Action Comics #1063 works, until it doesn't, which means the concerns about Jason Aaron moving to DC from Marvel have merit. Regardless, the issue ends Bizarro's magical attempt to take over the world with a climactic battle that leaves Superman worse for wear, but the battle isn't decided the way you might suspect.

When last we left the Man of Steel, his attempts to stop the magically-fueled Bizarro "virus" failed. The entire world soon fell infected, turning everyone into Bizarro versions of themselves. Fortunately, that means the craziest villain alive is now the sanest hero alive and ready to help Superman - the Joker.

Now, the Joker keeps the swarming mob of Bizarro-fied citizens away from Superman as Big Blue battles the shard of Bizarro infection in his mind for control of his body. After a titanic display of fisticuffs, the battle isn't decided by Superman's indomitable will but by an Earth-moving speech by the Joker that stirs Superman to fight on. Ultimately, Superman wrests control of his body and the shard of Bizarro's mind to get at the spell that created this mess and undo it.

Within minutes, all is set right, but the status of the Bizarro shard within Superman's mind is unknown.

"Wait! Do you mean Joker's speech turned the tide? That's the big wow moment???" Yep, my friend. As I said, this issue works until it doesn't in typical Jason Aaron fashion.

What's great about Action Comics #1063? If you want big, powerful, hard-hitting Superman action, you get it. The issue is essentially one long fight so action-hungry readers will have a lot to like.

What's not so great about Action Comics #1063? Turning the tide with a Joker speech is a downer, especially because you never hear it and are simply told that it was good. The aftermath is cleaned up much too easily, and the lack of resolution about Bizarro's whereabouts inside Superman's mind lessens the satisfaction level.

In short, readers with a short span and an inability to look beyond superficial flashiness will love this issue. Everyone else will be let down.

How's the art? John Timms's art is the consistent bright spot in this issue. The action-packed visuals are thrilling, and the linework is first-rate. Plus, Rex Lokus's colors are excellent.

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Bits and Pieces:

Action Comics #1063 ends the I, Bizarro... arc with a mixed bag of excellent art and eye-catching action with poor story choices. The Joker's anti-climactic involvement and the hasty resolution are a bummer.


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  1. Aaron's Avengers run was very underwhelming, maybe he is taking on too much work? Anyway, I agree with everything you said - Superman should never need the help of the JOKER to save the day -