Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Wesley Dodds: The Sandman #6 Review


Written by: Robert Venditti
Art by: Riley Rossmo
Colors by: Ivan Plascencia
Letters by: Tom Napolitano
Cover art by: Riley Rossmo
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: March 12, 2024

Wesley Dodds: The Sandman #6 ends the mini-series with a final, fateful, fatal confrontation between Wesley and the man intent on murdering the world.
Is Wesley Dodds: The Sandman #6 Good?

Robert Venditti brings it all home as Wesley Dodds confronts Vanderlyle in a mano-a-mano showdown in Wesley Dodds: The Sandman #6. As final battles go, it's not one Wesley will soon forget.

When last we left Wesley Dodds, he interrogated Col. Breckinridge to learn the conspiracy to steal Sandman's research was designed to give America the lethal edge needed to end any war. Wesley turned Breckinridge into the authorities, but not before he learned the name of the second mastermind - Vanderlyle.

Now, the Sandman crashes through a window to interrupt Vanderlyle's attempt to kidnap Humphries, leading to a brutal fight that ends the deadly gas plan for good. However, the final blow does not come from who you might think.

What's great about Wesley Dodds: The Sandman #6? Venditti doesn't hold back with a brutal, emotionally charged fight that challenges Wesley's convictions. You could argue that an issue-long fight doesn't leave much room for anything else, but in this case, it works. Plus, the last few pages have multiple cameos to stir anticipation for what might come next.

What's not so great about Wesley Dodds: The Sandman #6? For a superhero, Dodds is a lousy fighter against an opponent who should be an older, slower man. He shouldn't have taken the savage beating he did.

How about the art? Riley Rossmo's art style is certainly an acquired taste. Admittedly, this series is the least wonky presentation of Rossmo's work compared to his previous runs (Tim Drake, Harley Quinn), so casual readers shouldn't be too put off. That said, Rossmo presents a JSA splash panel on the last page that's, to be generous, disappointing.

Overall, this was a fun throwback series to pulp, crime noir adventures of early Hollywood. Venditti has the chops to pull off a JSA series that, with a better artist, could craft something special.

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Bits and Pieces:

Wesley Dodds: The Sandman #6 ends the mini-series the best way it could with a climactic fight to decide the fate of the world, couched in a battle of philosophies and wills. Venditti proves he's just the guy to carry an OG JSA title, but Rossmo's art is best suited for other things.


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  1. I grew up on the OG Wesley Dodds Sandman series at Vertigo, and I love this series, really reminded me of the OG stuff - also, it is crazy that DC has not made a series or film from this IP....