Friday, May 24, 2024

Superman #14 Review

  • Written by: Joshua Williamson

  • Art by: Rafa Sandoval, Miguel Mendonca

  • Colors by: Alejandro Sanchez

  • Letters by: Ariana Maher

  • Cover art by: Rafa Sandoval, Alejandro Sanchez

  • Cover price: $4.99

  • Release date: May 21, 2024

Superman #14 pits the Main Man against the Man of Steel so Lobo can earn his right to lead the Czarnians. Meanwhile, Brainiac's master plan reaches a climax.

Is Superman #14 Good?

When last we left the Man of Steel in issue #13, he teamed up with Lobo and headed for an intergalactic way station, Hardcore Station, to discover what Brainiac has been up to for the last several months and where he's headed next. The road trip ended with insight from Space Cabbie and Lobo receiving a tempting offer from his recently returned Czarnian ancestors.

In Superman #14, Lobo takes General Chacal's offer to become the new leader of the Czarnians, and all he has to do is beat Superman to claim it. Superman and Lobo duke it out, but the fight is evenly matched. When Superman's back is turned, Chacal and his soldiers intervene and wrap Superman up in chains to drag him to Brainiac and fulfill their mission with Lobo by their side.

Later, Lex Luthor and the captives aboard Brainiac's ship witness firsthand what Brainiac is building - a Queen. Lobo and Chacal arrive with Superman as their captive, giving Brainiac all the meta-power he needs to bring his Queen to life.

The procedure is a success. Lobo and Chacal bid their farewell to Brainiac, but the double cross comes fast and furious when Brainiac offers the Czarnians to his new Queen as her first meal.

What's great about Superman #14? Williamson delivers a script packed with fast-paced action, fast plot movement, a few twists and turns, and a relatively strong cliffhanger. If the entire point of this arc is to build up to the Absolute Power event, Williamson's making a good show of it.

What's not so great about Superman #14? The mystery surrounding why Brainiac feels the need to create a Queen has overstayed its welcome. Lex Luthor seems to know why, but despite several opportunities to blurt out the reason, Williamson frustratingly cuts him off every time. Williamson must learn from the mistakes of Zeb Wells and Nick Lowe at Marvel on ASM - the point of a mystery is to get the readers to play along, and they can only play along if you drop clues.

How's the Art? Sandoval and Mendonca must be having a field day with all the cool scenery, situations, and actions brought to bear in this issue. The characters and setting look great, and the energy is high in every scene. Plus, the Queen Brainiac looks pretty darn good, reminiscent of a Braniac version of Sil from Species (1995).

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Final Thoughts

Superman #14 cranks up the action, the twists, and the wow moments to give readers a fast-paced superhero comic. Williamson keeps the story moving with meaningful developments, albeit with a frustrating misstep in the mystery behind Brainiac's motivations, and the art looks fantastic.


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