Sunday, July 21, 2013

Batman '66 #1 The Riddler's Ruse Review

Holy Great Book Batman!

This is a review of the print edition of Batman '66 containing the first three digital comics in a collected volume


My introduction to Batman was through the 1960's Batman TV Show.  I loved it as a kid for it's fun action and light hearted approach and still love it today for the camp and nostalgia. I was delighted when I heard the Batman '66 comic was being made.  Now that I've read it, I'm even happier.

DC has been criticized for the New 52 books being so serious and dark.  Where's the fun?  The fun is right here and in spades.  Everything that made the original show a cult classic is represented.  Crazy riddles with zany solutions, window cameos, the Batusi and more.  If you loved the show you will laugh out loud more than a few times while reading.

The story of his first volume revolves around the Riddler's attempt to steal three pieces of precious artwork. The story is good, but this isn't a book that will ever take it's plot seriously. However, it did feature great set pieces and action (of course with the appropriate Fooms! and Pows!!).  All the characters are true to the original actors and the Dialogue between Batman and Robin is pure West and Ward.  The highest complement I can give Jeff Parker and Jonathan Case is that it feels so true to the show it could be a lost episode.  Speaking of Jonathan Case, his artwork is the highlight here.  He captures the feel and look of the show while giving it a new pseudo 3d look that even comes across on the printed page.


If it isn't obvious, I loved this book.  It has great art work, dialogue and in-jokes galore.  It is laughing with the 60's Batman show not at it and laughing is what you'll do if you pick it up.  I had a smile on my face the entire time.


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