Thursday, July 25, 2013

Talon #10 Review

The Butcher, the Spider and the crazy looking Talon

In an article about my favorite New 52 books I ranked Talon number one.  Why?  Because of the detailed characters I care about, the rich plot full or mystery and intrigue and the fun and often over the top action.  I loved the mythology that Scott Snyder introduced in Batman and fallen more for the story that James Tynion IV has given since.  That said, last months issue was a sub par cross over with the Birds of Prey ladies and this issue is a mediocre one co staring Bane. 

The story continues Calvin's assault on Santa Prisca to get revenge on his former mentor and Owl Grand Master Sebastian Clark.  Meanwhile, Bane is gathering the inmates to stage his own assault on Gotham City. While this is happening, The Owls are busy torturing Casey Washington and her daughter, Sarah. 

I'm looking forward to seeing Bane fight the Court of Owls, but cover notwithstanding, it doesn't happen in this issue.  The main fight between Calvin and Sebastian's venom enhanced lapdog is lackluster mainly due to the fact that Calvin can no longer die.

The best part of the story revolves around Casey's escape from the court.  She's always been a strong character, but she proves how intelligent she is as well.
The main art by Miguel Sepulveda is good.  I like what he has done since replacing the excellent Guillem March a couple of issues ago and his is his strongest effort yet.  However, Szymon Kudranski's fill in art is jarring in it's transition.  It sticks out like a sore thumb.  I really can't stress how out of place the change of art is.  To make matters worse, the dialogue and story in this part doesn't seem to make sense either.

Those people wanting to see Bane fight the Court will be disappointed.  What they will get instead is a so-so story made even worse by the craziest art transition I can remember.  I have loved Talon since the first issue, but this issue is hard to recommend.  I can only hope that Tynion gets the story back on track and that Sepulveda can finish a whole book himself.



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