Friday, July 26, 2013

The Flash #22 Review

Too Fast for Love

Reverse Flash (aka: The Speed Force Killer) has been murdering anyone affected by the Speed Force.  Barry Allen has been trying to track him down and figure out why he himself hasn't been a target.  Now it's just him and Iris West left and he is running out of time.
The first, second and third thing you will notice about this issue is the art and colors.  Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato have made The Flash one of the best looking books in the New 52.  From the excellent cover to the cliffhanger ending, the book looks great.
Of course, art only can only carry you so far.  Luckily, the story is good as well.  The Flash is as much about Barry and his relationships with those close to him as it is about running fast.  This issue continues that trend and even ramps up the tension between the two ladies in his life, Iris and Patty Spivot.
Speaking of Iris, when Barry figures out why Reverse Flash hasn't found him yet he uses that knowledge to protect her.  This is the highlight of the issue and an exciting prospect for the future of The Flash. The only downside of the issue is the slower pace of the overall story arc.  While I have liked the tension of the Speed Force Killer mystery,  I want to see Flash take on  Reverse Flash.  Though we do finally get to see them fight,  the issue ends mid battle.
This issue of The Flash was great.  The art is top notch and the story leaves you excited about the next issue and the future of the book.  There is also the bonus of the trilling  cosplay prospects this issue is sure to produce. 

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