Sunday, October 13, 2013

Batman Arkham Origins' Joker Reads from The Killing Joke

The two Batman Arkham games (Asylum and City) were great.  One of the main reasons was Mark Hamill's portrayal as the Joker.  Seriously, it's hard to think of anyone else voicing the character.  When it was announced he wasn't doing Arkham Origins, I was very disappointed...disappointed and worried.  When they announced that Troy Baker was going to fill Hamill's shoes, I didn't know what to expect.  He is a very good voice actor, he recently did the voice of Joel in The Last of Us and was excellent.  Still, the Joker?

Well, last night at the NYCC Arkham Origins Panel, Troy delighted the crowd with a selection from The Killing Joke.  It's pretty damn good.

I can't wait to play the game and we may do a review for it eventually.  Look for Eric to review it since he has some time-space vortex in his house that lets him finish two games, watch two movies and a whole season of his favorite show, Gilmore girls (yes...Gilmore Girls) in a half hour.

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