Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Superman: 75 Years of Being a Jerk

It is Superman's 75th Anniversary and DC has released this great animated video tribute to the Man of Steel.  However, Superman hasn't always been the best friend and/or lover to the ones he cares most about.  The following are some examples of Superman being a total jerk.  I don't think DC is making an animated feature of "this" Superman.

I think he's rooting for Aquaman

In Superman's defense...Pat Boone?!?!

What a playa

Guilty indeed

My Favorite, Lois is old...but she still is a hell of a typist

Take that "guy whose glasses keep popping off"

Big Oil mean Big Suitcase of Cash Money

Wait until Superbaby shows her his Internet history

Pa Kent would be so proud

Oh Jimmy, you ugly ginger

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