Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Earth 2 #17 Preview

One Week In, And I'm Already Jonesin'

One of the best reviewed comics of this year, has been Injustice: God's Among us.  This book came out of nowhere and surprised the hell out of me.  Just a digital comic, that's telling the story of a video game out of my normal continuity.  What the hell would I want to read that for?  Well just so you all know, I'm an idiot.  I first found out how good the book was from a buddy of mine who usually doesn't read comics.  So I got a guy who doesn't read comics telling me what I should read, Nonsense.  But Luckily I listened to him and my Weird partner in Science Jim, started reviewing it.  Now we're a relatively new site out there, So we don't get the traffic, that a bigger site would, but once Jim started reviewing Injustice the site started blowing up.  Tom Taylor continually put out an amazing issue, after issue, and you all came to see it reviewed.  Thank You by the way.  But now Injustice is over.

Last week we saw the final issue of Earth 2 by James Robinson, and as you all know, it was fucking amazing.  I even made a bold statement proclaiming the issue to be the best thing I have read in the New 52.  Well that hasn't changed, the issue blew me away, and it even revitalized me after the extraordinarily long Villain's Month.

Now we all sit in withdrawal, waiting for our next hook up, our normal dealer is gone, but word on the street is that this other cat in town, has the real hook up so.....  Man comic books, and drug references don't really go together so I'm just going to stop this before it gets awkward.  
Next month we've got Tom Taylor taking over Earth 2, and DC has been kind enough to leak some preview art by Nicola Scott.  Man the artwork is amazing.  I could sit around all day with strangers, and make them hate me because all I would do is talk about Nicola Scott's artwork, and how I look forward all month for it.  Such a fanboy.  We were also leaked the information that we will see the evil Superman of Earth 2 going up against Dr. Fate, which DC should just turn into a animated movie right away because it just sounds awesome.  We were also told that we will be seeing the origin of the new female Red Tornado, I can't wait to see where they go with this.  We'll also get to see more of the very teased new Earth 2 Batman, and find out who he really is, so maybe that means we'll be getting a Earth 2 version of Batman Vs. Superman, so we can get a little relief from the long wait on the movie.
I just wanted to share the small amount of news, and brilliant art with all you out there, because I love this title, and I'm under the impression that DC doesn't really know what they have here.  I think that we could see some of the heroes of this title in their own series.  Hell Green Lantern has five titles out there why can't Earth 2 be the next big thing?  Comment down below with what you all think would be a great solo title from Earth 2, and also to make it more fun tell us who you think the creative team should be.  I was talking about this yesterday and I'd like to see a Jay Garrick Flash, with Sterling Gates as writer, and Guillem March as artist.  See you all next month with Tom Taylor's first issue of Earth 2.

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