Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Death of Superboy

During the Superman panel at New York City Comic Con, Scott Lobdell talked about the Krypton Returns story arc in the upcoming #25 issues of Superman, Action Comics, Superboy and Supergirl.  The story will involve the "Family" traveling back in time to prevent the destruction of Krypton.  Lobdell then told the audience that Superboy would die at the end of Superboy #25 and be replaced by John Lane Kent.

He also said that Supergirl would be moving on to a new title.  I'm sure Eric here at Weird Science will have a lot to say about both matters.


  1. Come on, you're actually believing this? This is obviously nothing more than a stupid hoax. Lobdell is known to do this in other comic cons. The Forever Evil stuff postdates the Krypton Returns stuff canonically, and as you can see in Forever Evil #2, Superboy is alive during the Forever Evil stuff.

  2. I'm not sure actually. I know Lobdell likes to lie to get cheap hype, and after that H'el garbage he could use some excitement around the Superman books. If this is just a publicity stunt I really think it could explode in his face. Superboy #19 did establish Jon Kent is alive in the New 52.

    1. Well, from what I hear, the Krypton Returns stuff predates the stuff happening in Teen Titans Annual #2, in which our Superboy is fighting against Jon Lane Kent. So use your logic from there.