Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Worlds' Finest #16 Review and *SPOILERS*

Writer: Paul Levitz
Artist: RB Silva, Joe Weems
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: October 9, 2013

The Age Old Story of Two Girls From a Parallel Earth

I've continued this title through some really hard times.  But then I was very surprised when the mundane became really fun.  But sadly I'm not sure it will stick around.  When last we saw the two heroic heroines, they were facing off against Desaad, and Power Girl had lost her power.  Now.

Explain It!:

We start out this issue with Huntress dropping down into a burning building.  And when I say dropping I mean it.  It was one of the least super heroic things I've seen.  But this happens throughout, so just remember Huntress was once cool, and then say it out loud Huntress was once cool.  Now if you believe it hard enough it might be true again.  Anyway she finds the culprit and chases her down.  She tries to shoot her with a bolt, but this villain has powers, and the only way I can describe it is, she has the ability to send what looks like shadows or oil out of herself and use it as a weapon, or barrier.  Huntress loses her on the subway.

Meanwhile Karen Starr is trying to get her companies back since they were taken over by Desaad disguised as Michael Holt.  But now that everyone knows this, it will still take time for the lawyers to get the job done.  Back at home she's deciding what to wear.  (yup sounds like fun right?)  when Huntress shows up and tells her about her night.  Ugh.  When outside another building has an explosion.  Now Power Girl has been slowly getting her powers back, but they have been sporadic at best.  The two head over, and Power Girl creates a tornado in the lake next door to the building to put out the flames, as Huntress goes after the villain.  

In the end the villain gets away using a hover board construct (and this one works on water), but Power Girl is still in pursuit.  The shadowy oil girl whatever, uses her power to create a dragon which knocks out Power Girl and we are left with a very disappointing issue.

Bits and Pieces:

Just when you thought Worlds' Finest was getting good.  Ugh.  This issue was just a couple superheroes who seem to be really bad at being superheroes.  The art was fun, but the story was boring as hell.  Power Girl was better in Suicide Squad, and she was barely in that issue.  I don't know it just seems like these two heroes have given up, and we're stuck with Apathetic Girl, and Clumsy.  I just hope that the series gets decent again.  The problem with that is, it wasn't decent very long, and now we're back to bad.



  1. If you remember, in the last issue Desaad had messed with Power Girl's powers, so the next few issues will focus on Power Girl's now-erratic powers and what she tries to restore them. It will be kinda boring until she solve the problem.

  2. I just figured, we'd have at least one issue of Powerless Girl. Last we saw she had no powers, but now they're back but sporadic. As long as the stories get better, I don't care if her powers come back or she becomes Uber Power Girl.