Thursday, November 28, 2013

All-Star Western #25 Review

Written by: Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti
Art by: Moritat
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: November 27, 2013

Crazy Sexy Cool

I have to admit that I didn't pick up All-Star Western until Booster Gold showed up in the "WTF" issue #19. I'm so glad I did because after that issue I went back and read it from the beginning and realized I had been missing out on one of the best books in the New 52.  Since then, All-Star Western has become my "fun" book and issue #25 continues the good times.

The issue picks up where last issue ended, with Jonah and Gina meeting up with Constantine at the Weirdo Sex Festival (I just love writing that, by the way).  Seriously, Jonah in the Present is a home run...Jonah in the Present with John Constantine is a walk off grand slam.  Jonah and Constantine play so well off each other that it seems like they've been fighting huge demons at Weirdo Sex Festivals (last time, I promise) for years. This particular Demon gets a hold of Jonah and realizes he is more than meets the eye and afterwards Constantine can't help but agree.  Constantine tells Hex that someone else may be able to help him get back to his own time which sets up the second awesome teamup in two issues.  I really love where this book is going and while these characters showing up may sound like a bad idea at first, when you see them in action you can't help but giggle with excitement.

The star of this issue may well be Moritat, though.  I criticized his art in last issue, but he came back with a vengeance here.  His gritty style fits the mystical-zombie-demon action to a tee and there is a splash page that deserves to be framed and displayed.

 Bits and Pieces:

All-Star Western #25 takes the fun of Jonah Hex in the Present, adds the mystical and throws in two of the coolest characters in the New 52 to create a great issue.  I was getting wary of Jonah just shooting his way through our time, but the addition of magic is brilliant.  Everything is so fun and fresh that everyone needs to read this book.


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