Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Green Lantern: New Guardians #25 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Justin Jordan
Art By: Brad Walker, Geraldo Borges, Drew Hennessy, Cam Smith
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: November 20, 2013

Every Rose Has Its Thorn, Just Like Every Paradise Alien World Has Its Awful Quantum Mirror Of A Future That Never Was

Does everyone remember in the last part of Lights Out, when Kyle Rayner sacrificed himself to replenish the emotional spectrum reservoir?  Well good.  Then you know as well as I do that Kyle survived the experience, and him and the Templar Guardians went off to continue exploring the universe, while keeping Kyle's survival a secret.  So on with the show.

Explain It!:

On Zamaron, the home world of the Star Sapphires, Carol Ferris explains what happened with Relic, and Hal Jordan's new mission to stop ring bearers from using the emotional spectrum.  When suddenly Carol is called away.  She arrives on the alien world Exuras, which is being hailed as paradise.  After Carol's arrival, she is immediately furious when face to face with Kyle Rayner who she and everyone else believed to be dead.  The two squabble for a bit, and we see that the feelings between them are growing.  But all that can be put on the back burner, because we have a strange case of this planet being a paradise, or a ruse concocted to enslave people.  So what do we need to solve this mystery?  Well only a White Lantern, his Sapphire companion, who may or may not be moving him out of the friend zone, and a small band of blue midgets.  That's who.

Kyle is told to go searching for the places that don't permit entrance.  Because in a paradise, nothing should be hidden.  So Kyle taps into some of that all powerful white energy, and finds that there is a place on this planet that is full of fear, and rage.  When he goes there he finds that all the people he was reading were teenagers.  Yup sound like teenagers.  Inside he is told that all the people of this paradise planet must make a choice, and that paradise isn't free.  Kyle is led to some sort of quantum mirror.  The teenagers of this world must enter, and chose if they want to pay the price.  The quantum mirror is a doorway to a parallel world, where if on one side something good is the outcome, then the other will have a bad outcome.  So the price is to go to the parallel world, and steal the good future from that world, by creating, or doing something awful.  I had to read this twice to understand, so I hope you got the gist of what I'm saying.  So what this alien race is doing is creating a hell for this other dimension, and some can't bring themselves to make it worse.  So if they do not accept the price of paradise, they stay behind in hell, and try to make it better for them.  God I hope I'm explaining this right.  Stupid aliens with their confusing magic/science.  In the end Kyle is confronted by the parallel world's people who cross the threshold, and plan on taking their happiness back.

Bits and Pieces:

While I'm happy that we can finally get New Guardians back tie-in free, I found this beginning just a tad bit confusing.  While I eventually got what they were selling it took a couple reads.  Now I know that sounds a bit lazy, and maybe it is, I just expected something dealing with what Kyle went through in Lights Out to be more prevalent.  But with bitching aside, I did enjoy what I was given, and will continue to read.  I have complete faith in Justin Jordan to wow me, and I don't think he'll disappoint.  So go check it out, and read it twice if you're slow like me.


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