Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Teen Titans #25 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Scott Lobdell
Art By: Tyler Kirkham, Art Thibert
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: November 27, 2013

Flash To The Future, Or Teen Titans D'oh

Falling through time, the Titans find themselves slightly saved, when Raven uses her soul self to latch onto the Titan's souls, to navigate through time, and to keep everyone together.  But Kid Flash, and Solstice are in the future, and under attack.  Let's find out how our favorite adolescent ass kickers are doing.

Explain It!:

Far in the future, Solstice, and Kid Flash find themselves surrounded by gun toting hooligans, that claim to know Kid Flash, and call him Bar Torr.  Apparently Kid Flash betrayed their cause, and screwed them over real bad.  But luckily for our fast friend he....... well he's fast.  Being fast Kid Flash takes everyone down, but what he didn't count on was for this group to be ready for him when he finally returned.  In the air is a synthetic accelerant, and the faster Bart breathes in the faster his lungs fill with a solid polymer.  Now I don't know the exact science behind this ultimate speedster weapon, but wouldn't it stand to reason that all these guys that want Kid Flash dead would eventually die as well?  Maybe it's a speed force synthetic accelerant?  Hell I don't know.  They should just take some home with them, so the next time Gorilla Grodd shows up we can teach him to keep his damn dirty hands off the speed force.  Alright so Bart is down, what now?  Oh yeah Solstice has super scary powers, and has feeling for Bart.  I wonder if she'll do anything. And... Boom goes the dynamite.

A mile out the rest of the Titans have homed in on Kid Flash and Solstice.  We find out that all this time hopping has left Raven weakened, and if she tries to go 88 miles an hour again, she'll die.  So no getting home that way.  They see the scary power of Solstice looming in the distance and make their way to them.  

Back at the fight Kiran is kicking ass and taking names, until she gets shot in the leg.  Now she isn't really hurt, but more stunned from the shock of it.  But no one shoots Bart's girlfriend.  He begins pounding away at the gunman, as the rest of the Titans show up and witness him loosing a bit of control.  So after all that awkwardness, the team regroups as another team descends upon them.  But this is the Echo Cronal Authority, some sort of future police.  We find out that Kid Flash was put into witness protection, and sent back in time to protect him.  But you also get the idea that this ECA isn't a fan of KF either.  But orders are orders, and the cops take the Teen Titans back to their base to get some answers.  At the base Bart is hooked up to a machine to help him get his memories back, and the team besides Wonder Girl, and Superboy witness on the view screen, the maniac that KF used to be.  But what are Wonder Girl and Superboy up to you say?  Well the Teen Titans have been harboring John Lane Kent the homicidal son of Superman from a possible future.  Our Superboy was left behind, and swapped out for this one, and Wonder Woman found this out the hard way, when in the end of the issue he finally woke up and started strangling Wonder Girl.  Oh No!

Bits and Pieces:

Well surprisingly this issue wasn't that bad.  After months of having a sub par Titans, we seem to be slowly getting back on track.  But it's still far from fixed.  With this being a team title, it seems like we're always focused on one character, and yeah it's nice having a character flushed out, but they should still feel like part of the whole.  Hopefully this title will continue to improve, and hopefully I'll continue to enjoy, because it's been hard lately.


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