Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Batman Beyond 2.0 #9 Review

Written by: Kyle Higgins
Art by: Thony Silas
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: December 4, 2013

The Bat Men Part 1 of 7: Everything Old is New Again

Terry picks up the pieces of the previous arc and an old enemy gets a dangerous upgrade.  There's a new threat in Gotham, but it's one that everyone will recognize...and maybe some will enjoy.

Kyle Higgins starts a new arc with a little housecleaning from the previous one.  Rewire's havoc left a few baddies still on the loose and Terry is trying his best to remedy that.  I love that Higgins doesn't just leave loose ends unfinished, but treats the comic as a living, breathing universe. However, that doesn't make things cut-and-dry easy.  In fact, Terry runs into an upgraded Shriek and ends up worse for wear.  It takes Dick's medical attention (and storytelling) to get Terry back to normal.  It's nice to get this amount of action in the first issue of an arc, but it was strange that Shriek did his damage and then seemed to disappear.  Seriously, where did he go and how did Terry get back to Dick?

Since this is a new arc, there should be something new, right?  Kind of.  A certain villain reveals himself at the end.  A few hints.  It's a "man" and he has been force fed to readers in all facets of DC Comics recently.  Seriously, the guy is everywhere.  I will leave my preconcieved notions at the door because of my respect for Higgins, but I let out a loud groan when he popped up on my screen. 

Something positive that popped on the screen, however, was Thony Silas' art.  It's fantastic and is the best on the whole digital front.  A special shout out to Emilio Lopez on colors which really make the book flash.

Kyle Higgins and Thony Silas make Batman Beyond 2.0 the gem of DC's digital line.  Issue #9 is no exception as they start a new arc in style.  A tired villain not withstanding, I am looking forward to see how everything unfolds.


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