Friday, December 27, 2013

Justice League #26 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Geoff Johns
Art By: Ivan Reis
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: December 25, 2013

You'll Believe A Grid Can Cry.

This Damn Cover Is So Misleading!
We just got down with the wildly impressive Forever Evil #4, but we have to calm down a bit, because as much as we want to see Sinestro come in and kick the ever lovin' hell out of Power Ring, we're going to switch gears a little, and dive into the mindset of Grid (pun intended).  But don't let that discourage you, I know you want the badassness, I want the badassness too, but what we're about to dive into is really fun.  So dry those eyes, and let's find out a little back story behind the Crime Syndicate members we haven't gotten the back story to yet.  So let's check it out.

Explain It!:

In this issue we find out that the cybernetic part of Cyborg; Grid, wanted to feel feelings.  Yeah he wanted to be a real boy.  But feeling things was what the Vic Stone half of him did, so Grid figured if he just got rid of that part of him he'd be able to feel finally.  Sadly this did not work.  Even when joining a evil Syndicate in destroying the world, a single feeling wasn't felt.  So in this issue Grid decides to look into the backgrounds of the Crime Syndicate, in order to feel something based on their lives.  Let the flashbacks begin.

We start out with Harold Jordan, a sniveling coward of a man, who was spying on Ferris Aircraft in order to sell secrets.  A alien came to Earth named Abin Sur, who promised Harold Jordan that if he took the ring from him, it would give him the power to have anything he wanted.  But when Harold takes the ring, Abin Sur starts laughing, then crying because he's finally free.  Harold realizes the mistake he's made when the ring needs to be recharged, and a pocket universe opens and tentacles wrap around him.  I don't know if the ring recharges from psychological terror, but for the most part Cthulhu just came out of a portal, and got handsy.  You're not going to be right after that.  This didn't make any emotional response for Grid, so quick, time for the next flashback.

Johnny Allen is being transported to prison for awful, awful crimes, when his girlfriend Rhonnie crashes a truck into his prison transport.  The two lovers are together again, so they do the most romantic thing you can think of, they take the two officers from the prison transport, and hang them by their arms inside STAR LABS.  The lovers threaten to kill the families of the two officers, but if they fight to the death, they'll let the winner's family live.  Wow.  So the winner is asking if his family is safe now, when they shoot him in the head.  Johnny, and Rhonnie plan on going to his family's house anyway, when the police show up.  They head to the roof, then lightning strikes.  Johnny is imbued with the speed force, and Rhonnie is thrown through a sky light, into Professor Palmer's Atomico research.  Thus the two origins are sealed.  But this story doesn't give Grid the tinglies either.  So onto the next flashback.

Professor Stein was a genius who was obsessed with the dead.  Genius or not though, he was a sick fuck who would also take homeless people and experiment on them.  But everyone has their bad habits, so looking past all that someone hired Professor Stein to find the weaknesses of the Crime Syndicate.  I'm sure he worked on for a minute before fusing himself with a corpse becoming Deathstorm.  Gross.  Moving on.

Super Woman has deleted all her information which makes Grid suspicious.  So there's something suspicion, one of my favorite feelings before it advanced into paranoia, now I sit in a dark house with a piece of tape over my webcam, and write articles about why Xbox One is trying to take over the world by looking at you naked.  But all of this is besides the point.  Comics.  Yeah Comics.  In the end we move back to Star Labs of our world to check in on Cyborg, who's going to make a full recovery, and meet up with the Metal Men, which is not in this issue, but I read the solicits so keep an eye out.  

Bits and Pieces:

See there are a lot of characters that are in the Crime Syndicate, and we as fans want to know all about them.  So with our compulsion to know every little thing, we need to have origin tales, giving us insight on the motives of these villain.  That's what we get in this issue, which is fun, and entertaining, but slows down the pace we were given in Forever Evil #4.  So if you're like me, and love all the ins, and outs of these characters then you'll really enjoy this issue like I did.  Check it out.


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