Saturday, December 28, 2013

Forever Evil: Arkham War #3 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Peter J. Tomasi
Art By: Scot Eaton, Jaime Mendoza, Allen Martinez
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: December 11, 2013

The Big Bad Bat

This title would make one hell of a DLC for Injustice: Gods among us.  Image all the freaks, and psychos from Arkham, and Blackgate going at it, hell just use this story.  Bam you have a game.  But to the point at hand.  In last issue Bane was shocked to find out that while he was meeting with the Penguin, the rest of the Arkham inmates were making a siege on Blackgate Prison.  During the attack The Scarecrow, and Man-Bat were stealing away Bane's secret weapon; The Talons.  But before all the Talons could be stolen, Bane showed up, and reclaimed one of the cryoed assassins.  Let's see what happens next.

Explain It!:

We find out that Scarecrow survived the attack by Bane last issue, and was saved by Killer Croc.  Who would of thought, a guy like Waylon Jones, would get along with a guy like Scarecrow?  But I'm guessing Scarecrow is surprised as I am, because in return for saving his life, Scarecrow gives Wayne Tower to Croc, and all of his sewer subjects.  Yeah if you missed the Killer Croc Villain's Month first off shame on you it was a awesome issue, and secondly Killer Croc seems to be the king of homeless folks, and families down on their luck that are hiding out in the sewer.  So that's going on.  Let's move to another part of the city and see whats going on.

Oh man, it's Bane's Blackgate brawlers, versus the amorous Arkham assassins.  As far as alliteration goes that might not be the best, but hey a fights going down!  Clayface gets frozen by Emperor Penguin (Blackgate), But then he gets wrapped up in Poison Ivy's venomous vines.  It seems like it's all over for Emperor Penguin, until Bane shows up and proves that he has no qualms in hitting a woman.  Oh god it's brutal.  Even though Emperor Penguin is apparently saved, I don't think he's going to remain grateful.  Bane knocks him out, and takes him to the Penguin.  If you remember Bane made a deal with the Penguin, the Penguin would give Bane information about the loose crazies of Arkham, in exchange for Emperor Penguin being brought before him.  Deal done, and I wouldn't want to be Emperor Penguin anytime in the near future.  Now that Penguin's all paid up, Bane wants information about Scarecrow, and his Talons that were stolen from him.  Penguin tells Bane that Scarecrow is at Wayne Tower (which we know isn't the true anymore now that Croc runs the Tower), but nobody is afraid of Bane, and all his physical intimidation isn't anything to someone who has lived in Gotham with Batman around.  Bane is not amused.  Batman is what puts the fear into these nut jobs, huh?  Well this gives Bane an idea.  He goes back to Blackgate, and starts working on resurrecting Batman.  On the rooftops Bane dawns a Batman cowl, and screams to the heavens "Batman Lives!"

Back at Wayne Tower Killer Croc, or should I say King Croc is giving a speech to his subjects.  Croc tells them that it is time for them to not only rule over the underground, (but hopefully not the Gotham Underground) but to take to the world above.  He continues to tell them, that they will not be the mindless shields for the Arkhamites, but be the true power in Gotham.  The speech is cut short when Bane Man comes crashing through the window.  There is a epic fisticuffs battle which concludes with Bane tearing off the giant metal bat symbol on his chest and beating Croc over the head with it, and then throwing Croc off of Wayne Tower.  Wow.  In the end Bane monologues about Croc being their strongest, and now they will be weak.  Next he will take back his Talon army.

Bits and Pieces:

Being a Batman fan it isn't hard to fall in love with a title like this.  Watching all our favorite villains going at it, is a fanboy dream come true.  But being midway through I'm starting to get a little bored.  There are some great visuals in this book, and a lot of WTF moments, which make me squeal like a six year old girl.  Maybe I'm a little impatient and want everything now, I don't know, but this is a fun book, and you should check it out, because from what I see, it can only get more exciting for here on out.


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