Thursday, December 12, 2013

Batman: The Dark Knight Ending in March

He's a Freakin' Pterodactyl No More

Joining Animal Man, Batman: The Dark Knight is ending it's run in March 2014 with issue #29.  Also, like Animal Man whose cancellation was announced by writer Jeff Lemire, writer Gregg Hurwitz took to his personal blog to announce the sad news.

"Batman is forever, but sadly not all of his titles are. Batman: The Dark Knight will be ending with Issue 29. When I first signed on to do a single arc with David Finch, I never imagined I’d stay this long. Because of my work in novels and screenplays, I’m rarely sure what sorts of deadlines I’ll be juggling at any time, so I usually commit to a single six-issue story at a time and write way out ahead of schedule. DC has been great and gracious about accommodating this, and because of their flexibility, I wound up writing on the title for two (really damn fun) years."

The rest can be read on his site here

I'll be the first to admit that I haven't been a huge fan of the Dark Knight book, but I have liked it a bit more recently.  Me and Eric here at Weird Science have discussed the book on various occasions and always wish this was a "fun" book with wacky villains placed just a bit outside of the New 52 continuity.  Unfortunately, it's been a pretty boring, average book with overdrawn arcs.  One bit of good news is that DC can decrease their order for brown and black inks because this book used an overabundance of both.

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