Saturday, December 14, 2013

Talon Canceled in March 2014

Is that taps I hear in the distance? Or maybe Queen, because another one has bitten the dust.  Yep, this time it's a little more personal.  First Animal Man and Batman: The Dark Knight and now Talon has been canceled after March's issue #17.  I have said over and over that Talon was one of my favorite New 52 books (in fact, when I wrote my top 5 list it was number one).  Unfortunately,  it has not been good for a while.  Though not a blockbuster, there are still a bunch of books that Talon outsells, so I believe this cancellation is in part to do with the waning quality and the lack of ideas on how to make the series last.

Original writer, James Tynion, is ending his run on the series in December with Marguerite Bennett writing a one-shot in January and Tim Seeley wrapping up the series' final two issues.  What really upsets me is that Jorge Lucas is taking over art duties in January which I was hoping would solve one of the problems the book has been battling, inconsistent art.  His art on the Court of the Owls Villains Month issue was the best the series has seen since Guillem March left the book.

On a personal note, all the books I review are being cancelled.  If I am indeed the jinx, the next books canceled will be Stormwatch, Birds of Prey and All-Star Western.  Well, I do expect the first two to be cancelled very soon, but All-Star better survive.

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