Monday, December 9, 2013

Detective Comics #26 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: John Layman
Art By: Aaron Lopresti, Art Thibert
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: December 4, 2013

Batman Vs. Man-Bat Vs. Bats

We're done with Zero Year, and can get back on track with the normal story.  But the normal story is a little weird.  So we just got done the Wrath plot, and before that the Emperor Penguin arc.  But in the background of all these stories we've been dealing with Man-Bat, which comes to a head in this issue finally.  So last we saw in the back up to the Zero Year tie-in, there seems to be a colony of bats that can tear through people's flesh like piranha.  At the last crime scene Dr. Kirk Langstrom was in the crowd and turned into Man-Bat while screaming about stopping her, clearly referring to his lying Man-Bat serum addicted wife.  So there we are, let's see how this ever continuing story line concludes..

Explain It!:

Well we have a rash of deaths in Gotham City. Well we have more than the usual rash of deaths in Gotham City.  Batman investigates the skeletal corpses of the latest victims, and realizes that they were done by bats.  With this evidence, and the sighting of Kirk Langstrom, at one of the latest crime scenes, Batman is going after Man-Bat.  Which turns out to be a easy task, or at least easy for the reader.  Armed with a sonic cannon on the Batplane, Langstrom is quickly taken down.  Batman tussles with the monster for a bit, before finally compelling the human part of his mind, which allows Langstrom to take control and turn human again.  

The two work together to make a semi-antidote, because we learn that Langstrom and his wife have taken too much of the serum, and it has altered their DNA so they will always be able to transform at will.  But this semi-antidote will momentarily transform Francine, so Batman can get the upper hand.  I don't know Batman this sounds a little risky.  Better just seal up the cave she's roosting in, and call it a day.  Remember when Batman couldn't beat the KGBeast and he sealed him up in a maintenance room in the sewer?  Man that was badass, I miss the KGBeast.  Getting off track again.

So the two go to the cave that Francine is roosting in with her colony of altered flesh eating terror bats.  Batman injects Langstrom with a tranquilizer to keep him calm, and as to not Man-Bat out.  The two enter the cave, Batman's job is to take out the killer bats with his sonic gun, and Kirk's is to inject his wife with the Serum.  It seems to be going well until they find Francine who is now calling herself the Bat Queen, and knocks the serum out of Kirk's hand causing it to shatter.  This causes Kirk to Hulk out, and we find out what the real plan was.  Batman knew that the serum gun would never pierce the hide of the Bat Queen, so instead of injecting Langstrom with a tranquilizer, it was actually the serum, and Kirk was the perfect delivery system.  Again Kirk Hulk's out, and bites the Bat Queen.  Alright so the Bat Queen is human again, and unconscious, now all we have to deal with now is the Man-Bat.  Luckily Batman has a plan for that too.  Batman punches him upside the head until he turns human again.  Good plan.

So in the end Batman turns the Bat couple over to Arkham Asylum, and I guess destroyed all the killer bats, or sealed them up like the KGBeast, I don't really know, but it would seem strange for Batman to just leave them there.  But when he gets home, he's in for a hollering.  Apparently Selina Kyle (Catbird) is mad that Batman didn't ask for her help, since they're partners.  Well Man-Bat's over, welcome to Gothtopia.

Bits and Pieces:

Well this issue looked fantastic, the art really works for this book.  That being said, this seemed like a strange disjointed story.  Man-Bat's been in the background for almost a year now, and to have it all culminate in one issue seemed anti-climatic.  It could have simply been finished in two more back ups, giving us room for more of a main story.  Even though it seemed strange the issue was fun, just not as big as the previous stories have spoiled me with.  But go out and get it, and finish your Man-Bat addiction.  


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