Friday, December 20, 2013

Birds of Prey #26 Review

Written by: Christy Marx
Art by: Romano Molenaar
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: December 18, 2013

Please Put Me in a Sleeper Hold

Black Canary continues to fight Regulus over the fate of her husband while Batgirl and Strix have to decide very quickly whose side Condor is on.  Then when things couldn't get worse...Bam! Super Powers Overload.  Will this be Gamorra all over again?

I actually liked the last proper issue of Birds of Prey (Issue #24 review here) and thought it was the best writer Christy Marx has given us.  After reading issue #26, I still think that.  She had set the stage for some nice character development, but this issue takes it and gives us one big fight. Between yelling and fighting, Regulus does reveal a twist to Black Canary about her husband, Kurt's resurrection, but it's pretty ho-hum. That's about it, though.  The whole "is Condor bad?" plot line resolves itself so quick that new readers will probably miss it and longtime readers will just shake their heads.  Oh well, at least Strix kicks some ass which is always nice.  

Romano Molenaar's art is not good.  A few of the panels look ok, but for the most part everything looks unfinished.  Every distant shot is done in this blob-like mess that makes it hard to figure out who the hell he is trying to draw.  In a book with multiple characters this is unforgivable.  In parts of the book I wasn't sure if I was seeing Regulus or Condor and the Island military look like little green army men toys (unfortunately with no mine sweeper, my favorite).

Bits and Pieces:

Birds of Prey #26 is not very good and ruins the little momentum that the last proper issue had gained.  This issue is one big ridiculous fight that's poorly drawn and confusing.  I hope someone at DC can kick start this title soon because as it is now, it is not worth reading.


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