Thursday, December 19, 2013

Trinity of Sin: Pandora #6 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Ray Fawkes
Art By: Francis Portela, Staz Johnson
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: December 18, 2013

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh. The Blight Stuff!

Continuing right along from Constantine #9.  The new Justice League Dark, or at least the group I'm calling the new JLD, got their asses handed to them by Blight, everyone is down, and Blight is about to kill Constantine.  Let's find out.

Explain It!:

So Constantine's about to die, we got that happening.  But out of nowhere Pandora comes leaping out, and pulls Blight out of the giant smoke dragon he manifested around him.  You think we should call him a he?  I mean is Blight a he?  I know that his physical host Chris is a he, but do we call Blight a he because of that, or should we refer to Blight as an it?  I'll continue with he just because it's easier for my to mind wrap around.  But comment and tell me what you think it should be, and I'll change it, or keep it for future Blight related stories.  Moving on.  So Pandora creates a distraction for Blight, and the perverted Deadly Sins, I say perverted because their appearance has been twisted even more than their usual disturbing selves, and not because five out of the seven were caught jerking off at a movie theater during a Hannah Montana movie.  Using the distraction Nightmare Nurse heals Constantine of his wounds, as Blight turns back into a giant smoke dragon, and sprays the park, and the surrounding apartment buildings with dragon fire.  Yep that just happened.

Constantine wants to let the fair citizens of New York burn, while they deal with how to take down Blight, but the other members of the JLD are jumping into action before he can light his first cigarette.  Our heroes save the dragon victims, and Constantine comes up with a plan.  Nightmare Nurse does some ju-ju called the mark of Dun-kon-wen, and marks the team.  Phantom Stranger isn't happy about this, because it comes at a terrible cost.  (Insert ominous laughter)  

So the team takes another stab at taking down Blight, and this time Constantine gets his damn head knocked off, no I'm not playing here.  His head literally gets knocked the hell off.  Oh god.  Nightmare Nurse, and Phantom Stranger both get impaled, and Swamp Thing is burned up.  Oh god, oh god, oh god.  Pandora isn't going down without a fight though.  She's now the last defense against unadulterated evil, and she.... oh oh, she's dead.  In the end Pandora lies bleeding out, and is experiencing for the first time, how it is feels to die.  After her last breath, she sees Nightmare Nurse in the ether.  Nightmare Nurse tells Pandora that she is dead, and she will experience this death over and over in her dreams.  This is the price of the mark of Dun-kon-wen.  The issue ends with the bodies of the JLD piled up in Doctor Thirteen's house.  So come back here next week for Justice League Dark, so we can figure out what Constantine's plan actually was.  Because if it was just dying, I don't think I can fully support that plan.

Bits and Pieces:

Forever Evil: Blight still seems like a slow burn.  While I enjoyed this issue, and continually enjoy Ray Fawkes writing on Pandora, it seems like we're constantly waiting for the real story to start.  We're given some fine action, and a lot of WTF moments that keep you on the edge of your seat, but I have trouble seeing where this story is going.  Can the JLD actually kill evil?  Doesn't seem likely.  So if that's the case is this just a throw away story line for the Dark characters to keep busy during Forever Evil?  Don't get me wrong, for what I've been given, I've been enjoying.  Pandora is being made into a very fun strong character I hope to keep reading for a long time.  While it's not meant for first time readers, if you're a Dark fan this is for you.  Go check it out.


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