Sunday, December 29, 2013

Green Lantern: New Guardians #26 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Justin Jordan
Art By: Brad Walker, Geraldo Borges
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: December 18, 2013

Confusion Strikes Again!

Last month I had one of the hardest times reviewing a book, since I started this little labor of love.  Who knew that this issue would be even harder.  Oh god.  See last issue Kyle, Carol and the Templar Guardians found themselves on a paradise planet called, Exuras.  We found out through the course of that book that the people of Exuras has what I'd refer to as a quantum mirror.  This mirror allowed them to go to a twin universe where they could make bad things happen there, and in return the opposite would happen on their side.  Still following?  So at the end of last issue, the doomed parallel world crossed through the quantum mirror looking to take back their future.  Alright I've had to read this issue a few times, and I will very generally give you the gist of whats going on.  Because frankly I don't want to get anything wrong, because of my lack of understanding.  So here we go.

Explain It!:

The alternate Exurans come through the quantum mirror and they want blood.  Now dig this if you can.  I explained a bit of this in last issue, but I'm going to lay this down for everyone who didn't read last issue, and is too lazy to go back and read my review.  This planet has a technology known as a intelligent structure, that doesn't allow harm to come to it's people.  But the bad guys have harnessed this technology only for themselves.  So that means all our heroes can be hurt, but the planet will create a shield for the antagonists.  So that means in the grand scheme that Kyle can't unload his power on them as much as he would like to, because if the structure has to be there constantly saving the bad guy, then it won't be somewhere else, and bad shit could happen.  God this is a weird concept to convey.  I would really like to know how Jordan wrote his script so Walker knew what the hell he was talking about.  Or maybe it was a intense phone call where after the conversation ended Walker just looked out the window, and went "woah".  

So Kyle is fighting the leader of the insurgents, and Carol is trying to get all the bystanders to safety.  But while this is all going on a funny thing happens.  The people of the doomed Exuras find that they have demonized their counter selves, and can't continue this battle knowing that they'd be killing people.  Just people.  The people of Exuras realize how wrong they've been in stealing their doppleganger's futures.  Kyle demands that the paradise side of Exuras do what they can to make the other half better, and once each side is in balance, they are to destroy the quantum mirror.  In the end our heroes leave a little worse for wear.  Carol is upset at Kyle for interfering with these people and telling them how to live their lives, and the Templar Guardians finally know that Kyle doesn't remember anything from his time inside the source wall, and they end the issue saying that "they are coming, and he is not ready".

Bits and Pieces:

All I can say is that New Guardians has certainly taken a different direction.  It exudes the sci fi ideas, and concepts you'd expect from a intergalactic cop story, but doesn't convey them well enough for the reader to get behind what they're doing.  I spent almost the entire time when reading this story confused, and a lot of the other time angry that I wasn't getting everything they were selling.  Maybe it's just me, maybe it's not.  All in all if you undertake this story line in New Guardians be prepared to read it a couple of times.


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