Saturday, January 4, 2014

Teen Titans #26 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Scott Lobdell
Art By: Tyler Kirkham, Art Thibert, Dan Green
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: January 1, 2014

Kid Flashback!

Johnny Quick did his best trick to get the Teen Titans out of Forever Evil, when he opened up a vortex, and threw them across the time stream.  Since that happened, the Titans have been lost in time, Superboy died and was replaced by the psychotic Jon Kent, and the Titans found themselves in Kid Flash's time the 31st century where he is about to be put on trial, after his memories are returned.  Let's find out why Kid Flash's memories were taken, and why he wound up in the 21st century.

Explain It!:

A long time ago in the future, Kid Flash's parents were murdered.  Now how can I explain this so it will make sense?  It appears (at least to me) that in the 31st century there is a big war between church and state.  Well kind of.  The Functionary is the government of the universe, and they don't look kindly on people who put their faith in anything but them.  So Kid Flash's parents were kind of like missionaries, and the Functionary sent Purifiers to go, and murder all the keepers of the word on the backwater planet they were missionaring at.  Missionaring is a word right?  This is how I understand it, but I barely understand church and state in reality, let alone a comic book version set in the 31st century, so take what you will from it.  So Bar Torr's parents were killed, and he took his young sister and escaped the bloodshed as he heard all the other missionaries in the area screaming.  

So out in the universe by themselves Bart, and his sister Shira try to survive.  Bart becomes a thief in order to feed his sister, and himself, but eventually he leaves his sister at a convent so he would know she was safe, and could fend for himself easier.  So completely on his own now, Bart decides that he's not old enough to kill purifiers, but he can enlist with them.  To make ends meet he would smuggle contraband from one backwater planet to another on a little skiff, which he was good at until he crash landed.  When Bar Torr woke up, he seemed to have the powers we all know him to have.  A bunch of explanations were given, exposure to radiation, near death kicked in his meta gene, but nothing concrete is given to the reader about how Bart Allen became the speedster he is today.  

Bar Torr was alone on that planet for a month practicing his new power until the purifiers sent someone to pick up his skiff.  He took them out, and when he got back, he realized he finally had the power to stand up against the Functionary.  Bar Torr gathered an army, and became a revolutionist.  One outpost after another Kid Flash won the battles, and freed the people.  That is until he recognized a girl he almost killed.  His sister had grown up in the convent, and had become a part of the Functionary.  After he almost killed her, Kid Flash turned himself in, and ended his revolutionist days.  He promised to tell the Functionary everything, and would take down his whole rebellion.  The case would take months to put together, and in the meantime they put Bar Torr into witness protection, and in the 31st century that means wiping your mind, and sending you back in time.  In the end Kid Flash pleads for his fellow Titans to understand what he had to do, and in the end we are left with the Titans looking like they don't trust their friend anymore.  Come on guys!  When are the Titans going to become a family instead of just suspicious asshole kids?  They should really be doing for group exercises like trust falls, and such.  Oh well.

Bits and Pieces:

After what seemed to be a big build up to the origin of Kid Flash, it just leaves you wanting more.  The team seemed to becoming unified again, with the exception of the psychotic new Superboy, and now it seems all for not, as Kid Flash is the odd man out.  So all in all not the origin I was hoping for, but maybe it's the origin I deserve.  I'm a bit of an asshole.  Go check it out and see what you think, but don't go and do anything stupid like getting your hopes up.


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