Sunday, January 12, 2014

Batman '66 #24 Review

Written by: Jeff Parker  
Art by: Craig Rousseau  
Cover Price: Re $1.99
Release Date: December 24, 2013

Zelda's Great Escape

Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson double-date at a show of escape artist, The Great Griselda.  Hmmm...that can't be Zelda the Great, the infamous Villain and escape artist, could it?  Can the Dynamic Duo stop whatever evil Zelda is up to, save Dick's date and get back for the encore?

Jeff Parker continues the fun of Batman '66.  Twenty four issues in and you think that the villains and stories might wear thin, but I like this issue.  Parker seems to have stepped back a bit on the campy humor (though it's still there) and has given us a story that could have been in  TV series.  

What I like is that Batman and Robin actually fall right into Zelda's trap.  Yep, Zelda the Great isn't just there to inconvenience the Caped Crusaders and be the butt of jokes.  No, she means business.  You see, her business is escaping and she needs the two heroes to test out some death traps.  I really like the premise.

Despite having a B-list Villain or because of it, I really liked Batman '66 #24.  Jeff Parker dials back the camp just a bit to give us a good story that has the Dynamic Duo on the short end of the stick.


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