Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Superboy #27 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Marv Wolfman
Art By: Andres Guinaldo, Mark Irwin
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: January 15, 2014

Head Games!

Did you miss Kon in the last issue of Superboy?  Well you're probably going to continue missing him here.  Last issue we saw Jon Kent pass himself off as Kon to the rest of the Teen Titans, while continuing his quest to murder all meta-humans.  But it looked like Raven might know that something is going on.  Let's see if Raven figures it out, and if Jon Kent continues to be a psychopath.

Explain It!:

On a strange world in the 31st century Superboy is led to a building full of stasis tubes.  Something in his mind is telling him to open a certain one, and when he does, this crazy son of a bitch (sorry Lois) gets a bit crazier.  Superboy flies around smashing walls, and screaming.  This leads to a squadron of colonial marshals coming after Jon Kent, but these marshals aren't exactly normal.  They have blank dead eyes, and smiles on their faces.  We find out that the person he let out of the tube is named Schiz, and she has the power to control others around her, based on her mood, which is based on other people.  Weird right?  So if that wasn't confusing enough, the layout of this story is all over the place, and I'm trying to give you the story the simplest way I can.  Hopefully this isn't a complete fail.  So as Superboy is being overrun by happy soldiers, he finally nuts up, and TKs them down.  But now Schiz comes out, and wants to play.  Using her strange powers she makes Superboy stick a gun in his mouth, and right when he's about to pull the trigger Raven shows up and saves the day.  I really wanted to be happy as I wrote that, then I remembered this isn't my Superboy.  Oh well back to depression.  

Raven teleports her and Superboy to the other side of the planet so the two of them can have a talk.  Yep you guessed it, she knows that he isn't Kon, and she continues to tell him that she has need of the Titans still, and will not let him hurt them.  Before she disappears she tells him that they share a common goal.  BAMF!   Oops wrong universe.  

Superboy heads back to the Echo base where the Teen Titans have been staying since being thrown into the future.  In the last issue Superboy went and killed a meta-human in the medical bay, and is shocked to find out that the murder hasn't been discovered yet.  But that mystery is solved when Schiz enters the room, and tells him people see what she wants them to see.  Now that the two are on proper speaking terms, we find out that Schiz isn't a true meta-human, she was given the power she has, as were all the other people left in the tubes to rot.  So if Superboy helps her, and the other tubers get their revenge, he'll have a army to travel back to the past and kill all the metas just like he wanted.  In the end we see that the voice that led Superboy to Schiz was actually Raven, and her plans are working out the way she wants, and it's all for the great Trigon.  My mother always told me not to trust the daughter of a devil, and up until now, and my last girlfriend I didn't know what she meant.  Thanks for the advice mom.  So psychopaths, and demon daughters, looks like Superboy and the Teen Titans have a dark time ahead.

Bits and Pieces:

I really found the layout of the story hard to follow.  At one point we're at the middle of the story, then we move back to the beginning, and we're given no indication of what's going on.  That might work for Tarantino, but Honey Bunny doesn't really work for Superboy.  As it's been for a couple issues now we're given the psychotic Jon Kent, which really takes away my enthusiasm for the title.  I actually got upset when he almost died, and then didn't.  That's not the way I'm supposed to feel about Superboy.  But if you're going to read this issue, take what you will from it, but don't get your hopes up.



  1. Oh thank heavens, I was wondering if it was just me who found the plot of this issue all over the place. It's a shame that after a few decent issues with Kon we have the awful JLK and more Harvest-style storylines. Nice review!

  2. Hopefully with all the time traveling going on, we can erase HARVEST from the timeline. I know I could certainly do without it. I could really go for Kon at McDuffie High School again. That seemed like it could have been a lot of fun.