Friday, January 31, 2014

New Cast Announcement For Batman Vs. Superman

So who wants to know who's playing Lex Luthor?  Everybody right?  Well here you go.  Warner Bros. announced that Now You See Me star Jesse Eisenberg is set to star as Lex in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel Batman Vs. Superman.  Not really what I think about when I think of Lex.  Maybe a young Gene Hackman with the fro, but it's bald or nothing for me.

Also Warner Bros. has announced that Jeremy Irons will be playing Alfred.  Now this I can deal with a little more.  But like all things we'll have to wait and see how these actors portray the roles to give a decent criticism.  But on a plus side this might give people something to bitch about other than Ben Affleck.

Back when Nolan cast Micheal Caine as Alfred I had my doubts because for some reason all I thought about when I thought of Micheal Caine was his role as Hoagie, in Jaws: The Revenge.  With the same thought process, when I look at Jeremy Irons I just picture him saying "Simon Says" from Die Hard: With A Vengeance.  So the way my brain works, I'm thinking that Jeremy Irons will be a better Alfred because Die Hard: With A Vengeance was a better movie than Jaws: The Revenge.  Makes sense to me.  Man this better be a good movie.

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  1. Typo ( a vengeance was a better movie THEN jaws)