Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Green Team #8 Review

Written by: Art Baltazar and Franco
Art by: Ig Guara
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: January 29, 2014

Money So They Say, Is the Root of All Evil Today

Ok, show of hands.  Who thought the Green Team would last?  My guess is that not many hands are up in the air, waving like they just don't care.  Personally, when I first heard of this book (and sister book, The Movement) I thought someone at DC had lost it.  As I mulled the idea around my brain, however, The Green Team seemed like a fun concept.  Kids with too much money paying to be superheroes, get over their heads, mayhem ensues.  Unfortunately, the book didn't pan out and wasn't as fun as I'd hope...until recently.

Green Team #8 does a really good job tying up the series.  Baltzar and Franco do something lacking from earlier issues as well.  They make the reader care about the characters.  Reading this final battle, you can't help but root for Commodore and gang to finish off his father.

This issue also had what I originally wanted and expected more of, humor and action.  There was a ton of great action and the humor was pretty clever as well.  This issue ends the series, but in a surprise ending it doesn't look like the team is going away forever. 

Ig Guara's art is what I've come to expect in the book.  There are some really interesting panels and character work, followed by some not so good panels and character work.  Rinse and repeat.  It ends up being better than average, but the art was never this books strong point.

Well, another series bites the dust.  Do I think it was worthwhile?  Sort of.  I thought it had a good concept, but got off to a slow start that didn't pique enough interest.  Do i think the series will be remembered?  Not at all.

Bits and Pieces:

It's always sad when a book fails.  It's even worse when it ends as it is finally getting good.  Green Team #8 is a fun end to a missed opportunity.  However, if the last page is to be believed, maybe we haven't seen the last of the Teens. As Semisonic taught us way back  in 1998, every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end.  Man, I hated that song.


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