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Weird Science News: Week of January 29, 2014 Edition

Yes, it's Super Sunday Big Game Day and everyone is getting ready for the Super Bowl Big Game. Personally, I'm making pulled pork sandwiches and watching the Super Bowl Big Game with my five boys. Yes, you read that right...I love pulled pork.  I will make my Super Bowl Big Game predictions after the news, but I guess to get to that, we have to first get...

On With the News
That is one cool umbrella

The Penguin will be the first "Gotham" Villain

The Latino Review reported this week that the first villain featured on the Fox show "Gotham" will be the Penguin.  Latino Review is a Weird Science favorite for their soothsaying abilities.  In fact, I'm sure they reported I was going to say that seconds before I wrote it.  They are that good.  Casting is still underway for the part of Oswald Cobblepot, but I suggest my favorite Penguin, Ted Knight, from the 1960's Batman Cartoon.  What?  He died in 1988?  I guess that's why the "Too Close for Comfort" reunion is taking so long.  Someone call Jim J. Bullock and tell him it ain't happening.  Or better yet, cast him as a the Penguin. I'm an idea man, people. That's just what I do.

Jessie Eisenberg is No Billy Zane but Jeremy Irons is the next Micheal Caine

Lex Luthor? I don't see it.
You might have heard whispers that Micheal Cera...I mean Jessie Eisenberg, has been cast for the minor role of Lex Luthor in that small budget indie movie Batman vs Superman (or is that Batman vs BigGameMan?)  My cowriter and Titanic fanboy, Eric, has been begging anyone who will listen to cast Mr. Billy Zane as Lex for years.  I guess DC doesn't really care what a guy who loves speech-to-text devices thinks about casting movies.  Little do they know that this was the man who was going to introduce the world to the pink sock. If you don't know what I'm rambling on about, don't fret, neither do I.   Where was I?  Oh yea, Jeremy Irons is Alfred.  My favorite Jeremy Irons performance?  Profion in the Dungeons and Dragons movie.

Abandon All Hope

Really Aquaman, really?
In what should be a standard warning for every book written by Ann Nocenti, DC released a teaser two page spread featuring select Dark characters and the caption, "Abandon All Hope and Enter into the Dark". It looks like a fun little party with Pandora, Phantom Stranger, The Question, Etrigan, Socks, Amethyst, the Spectre, Swamp Thing, Sargon, Nightmare Nurse, and jeez there are so many people in this damn spread, John Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman, Madame Xanadu and Frankenstien.  In a dick move, on the bottom left hand side you can see Aquaman trying to pick Pandora's pocket.  We see you Aquaman, We see you.
DC hasn't announced full details on what this party is all about, but my guess is it's going to be Dark and not have tons of Hope.  Unless you hope that Aquaman gets caught, because We see you Aquaman.

This man doesn't have enough to do already

Earth 2 Weekly

Yep, rumor has it that there will be an Earth 2 weekly title.  Maybe it will be called Earth 2 Too.  Remember, idea man.  If it happens it will join Batman Eternal and Future's End as new DC weekly titles.  There has been no announcements on the creative team, but I'm sure Tom Taylor doesn't have anything going on and would love to increase his workload.

Stiles from Teen Wolf has a Brother Who had a Birthday

Nice shirt Stiles, indeed
I stumbled across this on the intranets.  It seems that Stiles from Teen Wolf has a younger brother, Harry, who celebrated his twentieth birthday on Saturday.  Man, it seems like yesterday that Stiles walked into Scott's kitchen with his "Obnoxious: The Movie" t-shirt.  We all used to get a laugh over Stiles' shirts. Boof, Chubby and myself still get a chuckle over them when we visit Coach Finstock in the nursing home.  He's doing better so keep your fingers crossed.  By the way, if you think I'm talking about the MTV Show, I'll cut you deep.  You've been warned.  What?  It's Harry Styles' birthday and he isn't related to Stiles Stilinski?  Someone is getting fired.  Get me Ted Knight on the phone, dammit!

Super Bowl Big Game Predictions

Here are my stone cold locks for tonight's game:

  • My sons will all bail on the game by the middle of the second quarter
  • My Wife will cry during at least one commercial
  • Eli Manning will be shown and he will be making this face
  • I will have gas from pulled pork.  It always happens.
  • Seahawks will win 24-17

Another week, Another News.  Now that's a saying I might trademark.  Idea Man...out

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