Monday, February 3, 2014

Adventures of Superman #41 Review

Written by: Max Landis
Art by: Jock
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: February 3. 2014

The Sound of One Hand Clapping part 2 of 2

Max Landis and Jock wrap up their two part Joker talks with Superman story and I am conflicted.  I did enjoy some of the dialogue, it just didn't fit the Joker or Superman.  I really enjoyed Jock's art, just not as much in this issue as the last.  After reading this issue I couldn't help feeling disappointed that this meeting should have been something more.  Something more memorable.  Instead we got a eagerly pathetic Joker failing to move a confidently smug Superman.

Max Landis has stated he knows Superman.  I guess knowing a character doesn't always translate into writing said character well.  Landis gives the reader a Superman that talks about being a good guy, but comes off as a prick.  I guess I'd let this Superman save my life, but I wouldn't want to get a beer with him afterwards.

Even worse is this book's Joker.  He doesn't come off as the Clown Prince of Crime.  Instead he reminds me of a hack comic at a Thursday open mike night.  He tries so hard to get a reaction from Superman, but leaves him and the reader bored.  Superman tells the Joker that any writer can write him, and I guess that's true. Unfortunately not everyone can write him good.

The issue wasn't a complete failure, though.  I liked when Joker warns Superman he'll return someday and figure out a way to hurt him.  Injustice, anyone? The ending dialogue between Superman and Batman is the highlight of the issue.  I won't spoil it, but let's just say Superman is not a happy camper.

I liked Jock's art last issue.  Yes, it was all over the place, but it fit the concept of the book.  This issue wasn't as good.  There were some interesting panels, but in the end it didn't grab me.

Bits and Pieces:

The Joker meets Superman.  Just reading that excites me.  I just wish this two part act from Max Landis and Jock matched that initial feeling.  Instead of something memorable we get a contest of which character can annoy the reader more.  I love Adventures of Superman because it gives us the opportunity for these stories, I just don't always love the stories themselves.



  1. I dunno - I kinda felt as if Superman put up a facade when speaking with Joker not to give him the real him, as in the end his tone and character were total opposites when confronted with the Bats and he stressed out the fact that Joker is smart and dangerous and antagonizing hims isn't the smartest idea (for anyone besides Supes).

    PS. and yeah - I think that part where Joker promises to return is a total reference to Injustice.

    1. You may be right, I still didn't like the issue at all. If it was a facade, I don't know why he wanted to be a dick and push Joker...maybe he wanted to see how far the Joker really would go. Well, he ended up finding a bit more about the Joker, pissing him off so that later he'll cause all sorts of trouble and psiisng off Bats to boot. Job well done, Supes! LOL Thanks for reading it and commenting.

    2. Ok, you have a point there about "job well done":D

      PS. Your review was the only one popping up at (now there is a second with a score of 9) And with such a low score I certainly was interested in reading what went amiss (but it didn't exactly stop me from purchasing it, as I was mainly interested in the art of the comic and "legendary" Jock - I am new to comic books and just learning the names and so on.)

      And you are certainly welcome and thank you for the write up!