Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Earth 2 #20 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Tom Taylor
Art By: Barry Kitson, Robson Rocha
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: February 5, 2014

I Wonder What Darkseid's Take On Creationism Is.

So we just got done the big bad annual of Earth 2, where we got definitive info on Batman's origins.  Thomas Wayne if you missed it.  This issue seems to take place before the annual, or it's a missing scene within this story, but that really doesn't matter, I'm just telling you because I wondered myself when reading it.  So last issue Parademons had come once again, and swarmed all over Earth.  Our heroes plans were to get a hidden Kryptonian back to the Batcave, so they might have a secret weapon to throw at the now raging Superman.  Let's see if Earth 2 can be saved.

Explain It!:

During our heroes escape from Arkham base, we see Hawkgirl who's been gone for a dog's age, come down and fly Aqua Woman, Agent Sato, and Batman to safety.  But the Parademons are still in pursuit.  Another nice thing to see besides Hawkgirl, is Aqua Woman in action.  Once in a storm cloud Hawkgirl drops Aqua Woman into it, and using the moisture in the clouds, she creates a air tidal wave, and drowns all the parademons...... in air.  Now that's a badass use of power.  When our heroes are safe Aqua Woman says her goodbyes but promises to come to the surface world's aid, when she is called.  So we still have her as a secret weapon, which is nice because evil Superman scares the hell out of me, and more heroes are going to die before all this is over.  (in a cajun accent) I guarantee.

Speaking of Superman, he's decided that Darkseid is the one true god, and to prove it to the world, he sends the Parademons to destroy any and all religious monuments, churches, temples, etc, etc.  You know kind of like the christian's did.  And......... here comes the hate mail.

Back at the Batcave, Batman's losing his shit because our new Kryptonian secret weapon Val, is apparently agoraphobic.  For those of you out there that aren't one step away from being complete shut ins like me, that means you are afraid of open spaces.  See Val was one of four sent away when Krypton was going critical.  He spent his entire life in his capsule, and when he was found by Terry Sloan (Mister 8), he then spent the rest of his life in the secret vault beneath Arkham Base.  So it's understandable why the whole wide world looks a bit frightening.  Especially with a deranged Superman on the warpath.  Lois (Red Tornado) talks Val down from his panic attack, and in the end they open the doors, and let Val soak in the sunshine.  Woo!  Little bit of a side note I want to add, Red Arrow is Conner Hawke.  You remember Conner as Green Arrow's son who took over the quiver back in the 90's when Ollie died.  So I love this, and another question answered.  Oh and don't worry he's safe and sound with Doctor Fate back in the Batcave.  Well Doc Fate is still insane, but at least he wasn't torn in half by Superman.

Bits and Pieces:

Is there some secret recipe to making Earth 2 great?  Did James Robinson, and now Tom Taylor have the Colonel's secret recipe for comics?  Some sort of eleven herbs of magic, because this title just continues to wipe the floor with everything else out there right now.  Only thing I'm missing is Nicola Scott's artwork, but lets face it.  She spoiled us, and nothing will look as good when compared, but Kitson, and Rocha do a fine job of filling in, but it's just not Scott's.  Taylor is doing a great job of throwing us small tidbits, and answers to keep us satisfied as the story continues, and unraveling this new world and the people that encompass it each issue.  Wow I love this series.


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  1. good review. great book

    I'm not sure that to many people will pick up on the Justin Wilson reference. I thought I was about the only one reading comics who remembers him