Thursday, February 6, 2014

Red Lanterns #28 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Charles Soule
Art By: Alessandro Vitti
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: February 5, 2014

The Testicle's Been Squashed.

Last issue of Red Lanterns we saw Guy, Skallox, and ZZ make their way to Earth.  There ZZ and Skallox were accosted by Shadow Thief, and it looks like Guy's going to strike out with his best girl Ice.  It might have to do with the fact that he looks like a ginger version of Hobo With A Shotgun, but who am I to judge?  Another bit of the story finds Bleeze and Rankorr face to face with newly ringed Atrocitus, Dex Starr, and a new Red Lantern.  A good point to note as well is this is part two of the Green Lantern/Red Lantern flip book issue, so if you want the full story you should really read Green Lantern #28 first.  On with the show.

Explain It!:

So Guy's trying to prove to Ice that he's not the angry short tempered ginger he used to be, to help prove his point when Skallox and ZZ call him for help, he takes Ice along so she can see how calmly he can deal with the problem.  Surprisingly even with all physical attacks, squashing ZZ until he resembles a big toe instead of a Madball, and alien hate mongering Guy finds a way to overcome without raging out.  But for all you out there with rage-ahol, not yelling at your special lady friend one time doesn't get you back together with her.  So disappointed Guy takes his Reds and goes back to Ysmault.  

Poor Squashed Testicle
Back at the Red Lantern home world, the gang finds that they have a little company.  Hal and a handful of Green Lanterns have come to Ysmault, and have brought a newly raged out Supergirl with them.  Like I said in my Green Lantern #28 review, I find it hard to believe they have no idea who Supergirl is.  As ridiculous as I think it is, it doesn't change the fact that all they know is that she's a raging Kryptonian Red Lantern.  Hal wants answers about why Guy is recruiting Reds, and as I just said Guy has no idea about this.  Skallox sheds some light on the subject, and tells Guy that before he came to Ysmault, Atrocitus made and sent out nine Red Lantern rings, so we have eight more angry aliens out there.  Hal and Guy argue a bit more about Guy claiming sector 2814 being the Red's sector, but eventually Hal gives into Guy, and trusts him to police the sector properly, so I'd expect some Police Academy shenanigans for the Reds in the future.  So during the hugs and kisses, and talking about who's going to be Michael Winslow and make the sound effects, Supergirl breaks out of her constraints, and it takes all the Red, and Greens to force her into the magic blood pool, that will calm her crazy.

While Kara's taking a blood bath, let's move on to see how Bleeze, and Rankorr are doing in the company of Atrocitus.  Oh it's not going well.  Atrocitus wants blood, and the new Red Lantern Klarn with his ability to absorb light energy, and throw it back at you just might give Atrocitus what he wants.  Rankorr tells Bleeze that he's going to create a distraction so she can get away.  Bleeze tells him she'll come back for him, but Rankorr has no expectations on living through this confrontation.  Last we see of Rankorr, he's made a sledge hammer construct and plans on sticking it through Atrocitus's teeth.  Poor poor Rankorr.  

In the end back on Ysmault, Supergirl is out of the blood pool, and seems to have become a bit more stable.  She tells Hal and Guy her name, and the two know that she's related to Superman, and wonder how this will effect the big man in blue.  Hopefully we'll get more info on how she became a Red Lantern in the next issue, and how Guy and Hal are going to fix it.  See you then.

Bits and Pieces:

Red Lanterns is another terrific issue, especially in this Green Lantern/Red Lantern flip book.  The stories worked so well together, and Vitti's transition from Tan's art was seamless.  This issue finally begins the healing process between Guy and Hal, and I hope they have some more "guy" talk in the future, because I just love when these two characters interact.  Can't wait for the next issue, which will seem like forever since I've had two issues in two weeks now.  I hate waiting, but if you haven't read this issue, then you don't have to wait to get some Red Lantern goodness.  Check it out.


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