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Weird Science News: Week of January 22, 2014 Edition

Hello Half-Truth Believers, here we are with the second installment of Weird Science News.  It was a pretty big news week with that Justin Bieber arrest and Khloe Kardashian finally dropping her divorce house...for a huge profit.  Speaking of divorces, Captain and Tennille are splitting up after 39 years.  I guess love couldn't keep those muskrats together, after all.  If you don't know what two of these three news items are about (because we all now about Bieber, admit it), you are at the right site.  So...

On With the News 

Geoff Johns has Birthday...Internet Crashes

Yes, DC Comics wunderkind Geoff Johns turned 41 on Saturday and the millions of fans may have broken the Internet with birthday wishes.  I have never met the man, but I have a sixth sense for knowing who is cool and who is a prick and Geoff is defiantly cool.  If a 41 year old who often wears a Green Lantern hat in public can be considered cool.  Seriously, Happy Birthday Geoff and please do your best to bring us a Hawkman/Vibe teamup book.

Almost Every Book Cancelled

I thought that I heard the sound of "Taps" being played, gently.  Yes, when the April solicits came out on Tuesday it was a dark day indeed for fans of Nightwing, Suicide Squad, Superman Unchained, Teen Titans, Justice League of America and me and the other two guys reading Stormwatch.  Yes, Teen Titans is being relaunched and JLA is being replaced by Justice League United, but Stormwatch?!?!  What will happen with Apollo, Midnighter, Jenny Soule, know, the most popular DC characters ever.  I know I speak for everyone when I hope they defeat Extremax and the Kollective.  Right?

The Flash TV Show will be Awesome

Yep, you heard it here.  There was quite a few announcements concerning CW's upcoming Flash TV Show.  First, the cast of the show will be racially diverse.  Iris West and her dad, "Detective West" are black.  They also are Barry's adoptive family.  That probably means that Iris' cousin Wally will be black, as well.  I guess Duck Dynasty fans have crossed the show off their list of must-see-TV.  I'm only upset that the report says Barry has feelings for Iris.  Poor Felicity.

In other Flash news, The Vampire Diaries hottie (Internets words, not 100% mine), Rick Cosnett, has been cast as Eddie Thawne.  Eddie Thawne=Eobard Thawne=Professor Zoom=Reverse Flash=Mind Blown.
Danielle Panabaker (Sky High, Mom at Sixteen) has also been cast as Caitlin Snow aka Killer Frost.  I love that villains have their powers in their names.  It's so cute.

Huge DC Movie released

After months of anticipation and hype, DC finally released "JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time".  What?  Really?  I'm sorry, I've just been told that there was no anticipation or hype and in fact DC snuck this out on Targets shelves last Tuesday.  Well, I can tell you that my kids and myself watched this and DC's actual hyped and anticipated movie two days ago and we all liked JLA Adventures better.  Take that hype machine!  Take that all over your neck, chest and face!

Picks of the Week

Here's what you should really be reading this week.

Harley Quinn #2 (8/10)
Animal Man #27 (9.3/10)
Trinity of Sin: Pandora #7 (9/10)
Batman #27 (9.5/10)
Wonder Woman #27 (9.2/10)
Batwoman #27 (8/10)

I guess that's it for now.  Werner...out.

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