Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Batgirl #29 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Gail Simone
Art By: Fernando Pasarin
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: March 12, 2014

Holy Shit, Vampires!

Last issue we started a new story that introduced the villain Silver.  Now Silver isn't your normal villain, well that's not true, it's Gotham, and this dude is crazy as hell.  He believes that the Bat Family are vampires, and that they keep the fearful people of the Gotham under their control.  So he plans on killing Batgirl and Strix, who have teamed up to find a missing mute girl.  Well guess who has her.  Not only that he also believes the young girl to be the vampire queen.  See crazy as hell.  The issue ends with a plain clothed Batgirl and Strix stopping their fight with Silver and his lady Alfred; Miss Targa, when the police show and want to see their hands in the air.  Hopefully they don't get arrested, and Barbara has to try and explain herself.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Like I said our heroes and villains are standing in the street with their hands in the air, as the police shout at them to get on the ground.  Batgirl doesn't know what to do except for have inappropriate thoughts about how cute Silver is, and even his lady Alfred Miss Targa.  It's a very strange moment, luckily we're saved from it, by Silver taking a straight razor out, and cutting his throat.  That'll get the attention of the police.  Then he does a back flip onto the hood of his car, and we get more strange thoughts from Batgirl, about how beautiful his bloody back flip was.  Can you guess what happens once he's on the hood of the car?  That's right it turns into a Bond film, and duel gatling guns pop out of the headlights.  I feel so bad for the police of Gotham.  Okay that just happened, and everyone gets away, moving on.

For this story Batgirl is phoning Knightfall to use her contacts to find out where this Silver is hiding out, she gets the location, and before they go, she makes Strix promise not to kill him.  We get a kind of crossed fingers promise, and the two go off to take down this vampire crazed lunatic.  Silver's getting ready for his visitors as well.  Since they're obviously vampires, they shouldn't have any problem finding him.  Sounds like logic to me.  So it's no surprise to him when Batgirl and Strix come a knockin'.  You have to understand that he actually sees them as vampires, and his twisted brain makes up things for them to say, to add to his delusion.

The duo take on Silver, while Miss Targa watches the young mute girl; Cissy.  Silver shows off his skills, but in the end he goes down just like all the rest.  Now here's the WTF moment.  As Batgirl tries to explain that there aren't any vampires, Cissy walks into the room, and totally vamps out on them, biting Silver on the neck.  Batgirl is completely out of her element, and has no idea what to do.  So it's probably a good thing our favorite canceled title vampire, Andrew Bennett shows up to save the day.  He takes young Cissy, and promises she won't hurt anyone again, but it's a moot point because she spontaneously combusts.  It turns out that Silver drinks a few gallons of holy water a day, and even bathes in it, so Cissy's fate was sealed as soon as she bit him.  Before all the vampires showed up, I was certain that Miss Targa was giving Silver a hallucinogen, to add to his vampire delusions.  But being a horror lover as well, I was waiting for the vampire twist, and was hoping against it.  In the end Andrew Bennett turns into a bunch of bats and disappears, and Silver and Miss Targa pull a Batman and disappear, so Batgirl and Strix are left just looking dumbfounded.  They both agree to never fight the undead again.

Bits and Pieces:

While it's not as good as last issue's beginning, this is a very good installment.  Only problem I have is Batgirl seemed really distracted in how good looking Silver, and Miss Targa were.  It just seemed out of character for how Batgirl is usually so focused on her missions.  It was out of place, and it kept creeping back into the issue.  But my gripes aside, I had a lot of fun reading this issue, and the series seems to be bringing some fun back into the title.  Which is all I asked for during the Batgirl: Wanted story.  So eat some garlic, cover your neck, and dive into a this month's Batgirl.


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