Thursday, March 13, 2014

Justice League of America #13 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Matt Kindt
Art By: Eddy Barrows, Tom Derenick
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: March 12, 2014

It's All In Your Head

When we last left Stargirl she was dealing with Despero, and the loss of Martian Manhunter.  That's right kids our favorite Martian was beaten to death, and now it's up to Courtney to stop Despero, or is it Despero's job to stop Courtney?  Yeah she's on the hunt for Firestorm, who's being kept on the move, and if she doesn't find him soon, he's going critical.  That's about it, we did get a Martian story about a warrior on mars last issue, but if it's not John Carter, I'm not really into the whole caring thing.  Okay let's dive back into the JLA Forever Evil tie-in, with Stargirl Vs. Despero.

Explain It!:

A young girl up against a giant fear craving alien monster.  Yeah we got that.  So most of this issue is Stargirl trying get the upper hand on Despero, and after a little confidence she does, just like we knew she could.  I guess it's about time to go and find Firestorm.  

Courtney enters the Firestorm matrix again to confront Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch, who seem to be at each others throats.  These guys are classic for not getting along well, but inside their own prison, they believe that the only way to let everyone out, is to kill each other.  Well it's a good thing Stargirl shows up, and knocks some sense into them.  She explains what's happening, and tells them that they are playing right into Despero's hands.  You know with all the mind control and all, the idea of them killing each other was implanted, and they were the ones actually counting down to their own nuclear explosion.  

Stargirl calls out to all the heroes trapped inside the matrix, and has them follow her voice, and ultimately leads them out of their personal prisons.  Now it's time to put Despero in his place Justice League style.  But Courtney doesn't like what she's seeing.  Even though Despero is taking the beating of a life time, he's still smiling.  Then she wakes up.

Stargirl sits up inside the original prison that her and Martian Manhunter shared.  J'onn is still alive, and this whole adventure has been a ruse put on by Despero.  It's a whole mind fuck where the real prison is the fear, and self doubt that you hold inside yourself.  Stargirl was the only one of the heroes able to overcome it, and wake up.  Which is weird because even though it was just a mind fuck, Martian Manhunter still died in Colorado, even though they were always in the prison.  You know what I don't really know, and I can't explain it to you, I'm really confused and angry right now, and that's all you get.  All I know is that Courtney's ability to overcome brought J'onn back, and he was able to contact Steve Trevor, who plans on using Wonder Woman's lasso to spring the heroes from their prisons.  Stargirl doesn't believe it will work, at least not with him.  So it's on to find Wonder Woman.  This all will culminate in Forever Evil #7, so see you there.

Bits and Pieces:

While I loved the most of the story, the ending just left me confused and frustrated.  This whole JLA Forever Evil adventure might as well have been a dream from an autistic child.  I'm really lost for words, because I hate not understanding something, I'm interested in.  Maybe it's just me, maybe you'll read it and be right on the trolley.  I don't know, all I have is a soured experience.


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