Tuesday, April 29, 2014

July 23rd Is Batman Day!

While we've already heard about the new national holiday for comic book fans being July 23rd, DC has announced that on top of the fun of having an actual Batman day we'll be having a few party favors to go with it.  Imagine if you will a day where you can walk into a comic book shop and get a free comic.  No I"m not talking about the first Saturday of May, the hell with Free Comic Book Day this is Batman Day!  Going into participating comic book shops on the holiest of holy comic book days, Batman Day stay with me here, you'll receive a free issue of the original Detective Comics #27 but with a modern twist.  This re-imagining of the epitome of classic comics will be realized through the creative team of Brad Meltzer and Chip Kidd, which sounds fucking amazing.

If that's not enough to get you off your ass on Batman Day you'll also be able to pick up A 75th Anniversary Batman cape, assorted masks throughout the history of Batman, and bookmarks based on graphic novels.  You'll also be able to pick up Robin Rises: Omega #1 and Grayson #1 because what is Batman without Robin?  Am I right?  So mark your calendar people because the hell with Nolan's final installment to the Dark Knight Trilogy, because on July 23rd the Dark Knight Rises.

Be there or be that weird kid or man child without a Batman mask and cape.  Dibs on the '66 mask.

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