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Weird Science DC Comics News: April 23, 2014 Edition

headband, facial hair and bad boy pose
The big news of the week came out of C2E2. Sounds like one of those boy bands to me.  My favorite thing about boy bands are the roles that each member plays.  The best ones must have each demographic taken care of.  You have the pretty boy, the jock, the young one, the one that is too old and is kind of creepy, the bad boy, etc. The bad boy is my favorite. Bad boys usually rap. Why does the bad boy have to rap?  Plus, they have facial hair, wear leather jackets and headbands.  Of course, my knowledge of boy bands comes only from New Kids on the Block.
Donnie was the bad boy...he wore leather and rapped.  He also had a rat tail.  That is B.A.D.

Here is my top 5 list of DC Characters who would make great bad boys in a boy band.

5. Damian Wayne (bad boy and young one)
4. Chemical Kid
3. Kid Flash
2. Jon Lane Kent/ Superboy
1. Roy Harper/Arsenal (bad boy and too old and kind of creepy)


On With The News

No New Robin until December

Here at Weird Science, Eric and Myself debate on who will be the next Robin all the time.  I think it will be Vibe and Eric has put all his money on a 75 year old Earth 15 version of Batman himself.  Well, the wait to find out if either of is is right will be a little months longer.  Yes, the new Robin will be announced after Robin Rises: Alpha #2 due out in  December.  Until then, let the debate continue.

Darwyn cooke will draw the last All Star Western Issue?

Darwyn Cooke announced he will draw the entire All Star Western #34 due out in August.  He said he had to do it when Writter Jimmy Palmiotti told him the story of the finale.  Finale?  That doesn't sound good.  I know it could just be the end of an arc, but with the sales being so low I am scared.  I know the fact there is no All Star Futures End book in September had people talking, but I wasn't that worried.  All Star is back in the past (finally) so why would Jonah be five years in the current future?  However, that teamed with Cooke's talk has me very worried.  A western book is a hard sell nowadays, but Palmiotti and Justin Gray have made All Star one of my favorites in the New 52.  If it is canceled I will be one sad cowpoke.

Cyborg in Batman vs Superman

The roster of the Justice League Batman vs Superman movie got bigger this week.  Actor, Ray Fisher, has been cast as Victor Stone/Cyborg.  He is best known for his work in various plays and the rumour he will appear in Star Wars episode VII.  Most believe he will play pre-Cyborg Victor Stone, but we can always hope for a little origin action in the movie.  My favorite play? Annie.  I'm not sure if Fisher ever acted in Annie, but I just love that little girl with her hard knock life.

Other bits and pieces from C2E2:

  • Robert Venditti loves the idea of a bi-racial Wally West (so do I)
  • Aaron Kuder's run on Superboy will be very short
  • Tim Seeley thinks we "don't know Dick"
  • Scott Snyder says to watch Catwoman closely in Batman Eternal
  • There are whispers of a Shazam book in the near future
That's it for now.  In case you were wondering what role I'd be in a boy band, is there the "guy who plays street hockey too much and owns every Dungeons and Dragons book, but has no one to actually play with"? Yea, that's me.  Another Week Another News...level 8 Arctic Druid, Out!!!

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