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Top 5 Fridays: Mystical Heroes That Should Join The Justice League Dark

This week we're heading back to teams and the people I want to see fill their roster.  Normally I like to plan out my Top 5 lists\with things in DC news, or just something to have a leg up for the week so I don't have to go into the list blind.  This is kinda half way blind, because the list is inspired by how much I enjoyed Justice League Dark #30 issue, and its kinda last minute because I hadn't planned on doing it.  So just remember that going in just in case it sucks, and if you think it sucks then the hell with you make your own list.  The latest issue of JLD saw most of the team disband with the exception of Zatanna, Deadman, and Nightmare Nurse.  I guess you can make the argument that Swamp Thing was there, and may be considered part of the team, but that really doesn't matter.  This list is about characters that should be part of a new JLD, ones that have been overlooked, or just badass heroes that fit the supernatural bill for the team.  So let's quit talking about it and see what characters could be in the future of the Justice League Dark.


It doesn't seem like I can quit talking about our Mightiest Mortal, every list he seems to pop up, and for good reason.  Shazam is one of the most interesting characters in the DCU, and with his magical power set he would be an ideal choice to join a team that defends the world against magic and monsters.  We've already seen Shazam interact with John Constantine in the awesome Constantine #5, where John stole young Billy Batson's powers.  It was a great issue, if you haven't checked it out your missing out.  Pretty much I'm placing Shazam on this list because of all the interesting stories that could happen due to the fact that he's this young boy juxtaposed to these Dark adult characters.  Does he bring heart to the team, or does the team corrupt a young soul?  I like it, but I talk about Shazam too much so let's move on to our next draft pick of the JLD Fantasy Roster.

#4.  Tempest

Yeah I picked Aqualad under a different name, what of it?  While Garth hasn't officially been introduced into the New 52 yet, whose to say when it happens it has to be in Aquaman?  As of right now I'm pretty sure all we've heard of Garth is that he was destined to destroy Atlantis, and the Ocean Master let him go.  Well if an old king of Atlantis let this boy go then he's gotta be fine right?  Of course not, Orm isn't running things anymore and fearful Atlanteans would go after this prophesied destroyer, and he'd be forced to flee to the surface world or die.  Bam!  Story written.  So we've got a character surrounded by prophecy, and is talented in the use of Atlantean magic.  It pretty much writes itself, and would add a new dynamic to the JLD team introducing a fearful character just trying to fight his destiny.  So screw Aqualad, just introduce him has Tempest, add him to the team, and we can call it a day.  If Vibe can be cool, then Aqualad can be cool.  Argument won.

#3.  Ragman

You looking for a strange supernatural character to add to a team, then look no further than Ragman.  Before the reboot of the New 52 Ragman was all over the DCU, and even starred in the pre Justice League Dark supernatural team Shadowpact.  Rory Regan is just an interesting character to me, and while I liked him pre New 52, I'm curious to see what J.M. DeMatteis might do to this character's origin if brought into the new continuity.  Ragman has the ability to absorb souls into his ragged costume, and through this he increases his powers.  So you could see the character dilemma that Zatanna might face when one of her new teammates starts sucking souls like Bubba Ho-Tep.  Pretty much Ragman looks awesome, and anything can be done to him.  It's a whole new world.

#2.  Blue Devil

Talk about underused and full of potential.  Dan Cassidy was given a big re-imagining for the New 52 in the pages of DC Universe Presents, and besides for that and getting himself caught up in Project Thaumaton he's been pretty much swept under the superhero rug.  Like Ragman we have another former member of Shadowpact, but having the benefit of all the heavy lifting of recreating the character already done.  We get magic, movie monsters, super heroics,  and if we steal from past stories the Angel Zauriel could go after him again.  If all this isn't enough for you we could just throw him in the JLD for jealous revenge against Black Lightning for being optioned for the Justice League while Blue Devil was left out in the cold.  Yeah it's not a very good revenge because Black Lightning backed out because Blue wasn't included, but it's something.  Damn get off my back.  Blue Devil is awesome and we should see a lot more of him.

#1.  Shade The Changing Man

Now this I really don't understand.  We start off the JLD series with bringing Shade out of the Vertigo universe, and drop him smack dab into a mystical shit storm and joining the first JLD team.  You know what we got?  Awesomeness, that's what.  But by the end of issue eight the character had lost his mind and the ability to control his M Vest, so we said goodbye to the Changing Man as he walked off into the sunset.  What the hell?  How is it that Shade hasn't turned up again in the New 52?  Does it take Peter Milligan to write this bat shit character?  These are a lot of questions and I don't have any answers to stop me from yelling.  I just want this far out character to return because I always had a lot of fun seeing what was going to be thrown at us next.  While there's not a lot to say, either your a Shade fan or not, there's not a lot known about who this character is in the New 52, but what we have seen was the best part of the Justice League Dark's first story arc.  

That's the list this week, and while I stated above that the team seems to be consisting of Zatanna, Nightmare Nurse, and Deadman, it's stupid to think that Constantine will be left out for very long, and it seems for a Justice League team the lucky number of members is seven.  So take the remaining members and build your own JLD, but for characters I'd like to see join the roster here they are in descending order, and I hope you enjoyed.  So in conclusion this Top 5 list was inspired by the excellent work of J.M. DeMatteis, and Andres Guinaldo on Justice League Dark #30, I hope they continue the momentum they started in this story.  See you in seven.

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