Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Action Comics #32 Review

Written by: Greg Pak
Art by: Scott Kolins
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 4. 2014

Steel this Issue

Superman #31 aside, the Doomed story is getting better with each issue.  Greg Pak continues this week with Action Comics #32 and while it has a little pacing issue, it continues to build on everything that came before it.  Not only do we get a Superman struggling with who (or what) he's becoming, we get to see another hero rise to the occasion and a villain bow out early.

Greg Pak has used his run on Action Comics to really nail down the idea that although Superman wants to save everyone, he can't always do it.  The pieces of the puzzle have all been set for this event.  Superman is struggling with what he's becoming and what that means to everyone on Earth.  He's gone from the Earth's protector to possibly it's destroyer in a blink of an eye.  Greg Pak does such a great job showing the conflict and sorrow in the Man of Steel.

Something as big as this hasn't gone unnoticed.  Everyone seems to have a plan to deal with Superman. Steel, Senator Lane and Lex Luthor all have ideas, but Steel rises to the top.  At first, I thought Steel was forced into this event, but I stand corrected.  John Henry Irons is a hero and shows it throughout this issue. If you are a Steel fan, get this issue.  If you aren't, you will be after reading.

The book does have a pacing issue, slowing down to a crawl and throwing what seems like a bunch of filler at the reader.  However, the end ties most of it together in such a clever way that leads to a great cliffhanger image.

Scott Kolins provides that awesome image and the rest of the great art in this weeks issue.  The action and multiple characters all look so good even if some of the panel progressions are a little confusing at times.

Bits and Pieces:

Action Comics #32 continues the Doomed story and while it has a few pacing issues, is a pretty good chapter.  Greg Pak does a great job showing a Superman that can't save himself, let alone everyone on Earth.  Have no fear, though, because Steel is here.  He is the hero of the issue and just great.  Scott Kolins art is also great and the ending cliffhanger looks stellar.  Highly Recommended.


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